Certification letters are those documents which are presented to an individual after the completion of a certain course, or indicating that the individual has performed a commendable act and so on. Certification letters can only be issued by certain authorities and hence, they are valuable as well.

  • A certification letter can be issued by any authorizing agency certifying that an individual is what he claims to be. Thus there are many uses of certifying letters and they differ considerable depending on which kind is being used.
  • Certification letters which prove that an individual’s claims are authentic and genuine must be issued by an authorizing agency which can validate the same. These certification letters are often demanded by job providers, colleges and universities, banks and so on.
  • Those certification letters which applaud an individual’s achievement in any field are more in the nature of certificates of appreciation and tokens of merit. They are significantly different from the type mentioned above, but are also known as certification letters.
  • The tone of a certification letter must be businesslike and professional. They should be to the point and concise and all efforts must be made to render them in an accurate and error free manner.

Certification Letter

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