Donna Walker,

Denham International Services

November 12, 1990

Mr. Kevin Rodriguez,

Reporting Manager,

Denham International Services,

Denham, UK

Dear Mr. Rodriguez,

I am glad to inform you that the Seattle Project we worked so hard for three months has been sanctioned to us. We would have to arrange for a final meeting to seal the deal. I have a written confirmation from the Manager that the deal has been finalized to us.

After revealing this good news, I take the opportunity to ask you for a favor. It is not new information to you that I have slogged for a continuous three months to get this project. In the meantime I have neglected my health and my family. After the good news that we have bagged the project, it is only fair that I ask you to sanction me leave for ten days, since I intend to go on a vacation to Bremen with my family.

I hope you wouldn’t disappoint me. Thanks for considering my request.


Donna Walker,

Chief Analyst




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