Mr. Oliver Hall

1000 Main Street
Irvine, California 92614

December 20, 2010

Ms. Olga Hall

80 North Laura Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Dearest mother,

How are you and dad doing? I hope my letter will ease the disappointment you must be feeling after I called you to say that I will not be able to go home for Christmas holidays.

I am so sorry to miss the family dinner on Christmas eve this year. I have a ton of requirements to finish before the year ends and I could not afford to have a vacation this year. I will simply spend Christmas eve with friends here and then go back to the college campus to work on my project and other documents I must submit on the first week of January. Don’t worry, this is but a small sacrifice for us to make so that I finish my studies soon. I know you will be delighted come graduation day and I will do my best to graduate with honors. I will miss you all!



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