Mr Brown,

Minister for Infrastructure Development,

United Kingdom


Mr Dumbledore,

Star Power Constructions Ltd,


Dear Mr Dumbledore,

I, Mr Brown, Minister for Infrastructure Development, United Kingdom, am writing this letter on behalf of the ministry to convey appreciation for the completion of the Big Dam project by your firm. Your firm has been assigned a project from the ministry for the first time and you have performed exceedingly well. The project has been completed well before the deadline which was awarded to you. The inspection report of the project has elucidated the fact that the project has been completed as per the standards desired by the ministry.

I appreciate you and your firm for such an excellent work on the Big Dam project. The ministry would be more than willing to share responsibility for work with your firm in the coming future. We hope that the satisfaction for the completion of the work is same on your part. We are looking forward to further work relations between two sides.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Brown

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