Mr. Karl Doe

The Rune Café

226 Market Street

San Francisco, CA 96110

Dear Mr. Doe:

My family and I have experienced the pleasure of dining at the Rune Café on several occasions. Actually, we were at your café last month and completely enjoyed your food and the hospitality. I am writing this letter to find out if you could please donate to a tuition assistance fundraising auction on 29 May 2010 for my daughter’s school, The San Francisco High School.

The San Francisco High School is a PreK-8th grade independent school, which is in the Portola District. The mission of the School is to cultivate an imaginative, intellectual and a humanitarian promise in every student. The annual auction of the School is the main fundraiser to support the tuition assistance program of the students.

I am writing this letter to request you for your valuable help by donating to this cause. I would like to acknowledge Rune Café’s donation on our Online Auction and in our printed auction catalog.

I look forward to hear from you soon.


Mrs. Lamb.



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