Mr. Henry Cooper,


Mary Lamb School,

34 High End Street,


United Kingdom

12th December 2011

Subject: Authorization letter for child to travel for school excursion.

Dear Sir,

I, Lenny Ben the father of Harry Ben who is a student of fourth standard in your school, authorize the child to travel for the school excursion being organized during the last week of December

Earlier I was a bit hesitant to allow my child to go for the excursion. But, when I got to know the safety precautions that you have taken and that this excursion is also educational, I decided to allow my child. I am ensured that my child will be taken proper care of and will always be safe.

I have also attaché a photocopy of my id and the school id of my child. I request you to take good care of my son.

Thanking you,

Lenny Ben


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