August 2, 2010

Ms. Ester Atkins


Preston, PR2 2HE

Dearest Ester,

I hope you are in good health and spirits. How is your family, the children and John? Give them my warm regards. I miss you all very much and hope to see you soon. I do hope you would be able to come visit us this Christmas, especially since I am going to give birth to my first child next month! I am so happy to finally become a mother!

It seems like only yesterday when James and I were still young and dating in college. I never thought we would finally get married. But it seems that the Lord brought us together, and we have been happily married for two years now. And here comes a baby, the fulfillment of our dream to build a family. We feel so blessed to be having a baby, and we hope to share our happiness with you.

Give our hugs to your kids.


Madeleine Curran

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