Deborah Campbell,

ONGC Limited

January 29, 2000

Mr. Steven Gonzalez,


Dream Well Constructions,

Nebraska, USA

Dear Mr. Gonzalez,

I am Deborah Gonzalez and I am acting on the behalf of ONGC Limited. We are into real estate business where we take orders from the government to build and give on lease various buildings in Nebraska.

We are on the verge of announcing the deal of a bulk construction of fifty buildings with around fifty floors each in the official area of Nebraska. For the purpose of choosing the right company for the job, we have decided to ask for bids to be submitted. Hence we request you to quote a bid and send it to us. If your bid is finalized we would give the contract to you. If you are interested in quoting a bid, we request you to send it latest by the 15th of February. The finalized bid will be released by the 27th of February.


Deborah Gonzalez,

Chief Advisor



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