Tom Hanks,

67 Yankee Doodle Street

New Hampshire, UK.

Dated: 10th of November 2011

Dear Friend,

Best wishes on this special day and many happy returns of the day. May you have such fun filled birthdays for years to come.

I still remember the birthdays of yours when we were in school. You used to distribute candies and I used to get most of them. Now candies have been replaced by amazing parties, and I am always the first person to be invited to your birthday. Our friendship has always been strong and I wish that the bond keeps growing stronger with each passing year and we keep partying hard on every birthday.

I pray for your good health on this special day. I also wish that success kisses your feet and you achieve whatever you want to in life.

Your best friend,

Roger Moore

12 Aspen High Road,

New Hampshire, UK.


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