2456 John’s Path
Hampton, TX 78456
21st April, 2010

Technical Department
Blue Card Software, Inc.
4201 Research Zone, Suite 456
Research Quadrangle Stone, NY 24569

Dear Technical Department:

I am addressing this letter to the technical department in regards with the advertisement that was posted by you company; the Blue Card Software Inc. The advertisement about the hardware for the Macintosh computer is something that I am interested in. But, before I make the purchase, I had certain queries that need to be looked into.

Though I have checked up the content on your company’s website, I am still unable to find answers to my questions.

  • Does the latest offering from the Macintosh have support to the Viper or the video card?
  • Does your company have all the information in regards with the supporting hardware for Macintosh? It will help me just in case I wish to upgrade my system.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon. You can reply me at my email address. The email address is [email protected]


W. Smith

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