Name of the recipient: ______________

Designation of the recipient: _____________

Name of the recipient company: ____________

Address of the company: ______________________________

Dated: __________/___________/_________

Subject: ________________

Dear ______________,

It gives me immense pleasure writing this letter and informing you that it will be an honor for us if we can enter into a business transaction with your organization.

We are an organization specializing in manufacture of ______________________ established in the year _____________________. We would like to supply our products to your organization for the purpose of distribution and sale by your organization. The amount we would be charging is ______________________ per _______________. You can make the payment to us in either in cash, cheque or money draft.

I hope you consider the above business offer and enter into a business transaction with us.


Name of the sender: _______________

Designation of the sender: _____________

Name of the sender company: ____________

Address of the company: ______________________________




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