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Acceptance letters are a formal way of communicating your acceptance. This could be for an interview, a job, an invitation or any other situation which calls for your answer. It is a polite and graceful way of acknowledging something which has come your way. Writing acceptance letters to give your confirmation may be mandatory in some cases.

State your acceptance clearly in the first paragraph. Even at the cost of sounding repetitive, make sure to mention what you are accepting. You can thank the concerned party for the opportunity/invitation etc.

It is good to reiterate the terms of acceptance as per your understanding. This can help clear any issues or misinterpretations in the beginning only. This is especially applicable when you are writing a job acceptance letters. In the concluding paragraph, you must restate your acceptance and sign off formally.

These letters must be written in a polite and cordial tone as they can help to put you in a better light, both as a courteous and professional person.



Martin Mathews

3-K, second floor, Henry street

Birmingham, UK


10th May 2012

Subject: Acceptance to the Nursing Program

Dear Mr. Mathews

This is regarding the nursing program offer that you had sent to me 5 days back. I am extremely happy and glad to be accepting the nursing program titled ‘Auxiliary nurse and Midwife’ in your nursing centre. I cannot believe that I have been selected as one of the nurses and would like to express to you that I will give it my best shot and would bring in all of my knowledge, dedication and hard work to the program.

Nursing has always been my field of interest as I wanted to serve the people in the best way I could. I have completed my 2 year training from an accredited institute and have also passed the Nursing examination board with distinction. Your nursing centre is a dream destination for all those who are interested in this field and I am lucky to be a part of it.

Please sir, let me know about the joining date and other formalities that needs to be completed so that I can make necessary ticket arrangements and other preparations.

Thanking you

Sarah Peters



Jamie Mathews


Martin Luther College, London


29th April 2012

Subject: Seminar Acceptance Letter

Dear Mr. Mathews

This is to inform you that we received your seminar invitation two days back and were extremely happy and glad that your college has invited 5 students from our institute to attend the seminar on global warming in Leeds. This invitation comes as a surprise as we weren’t expecting it and were not quite ready with the student list to send to you. But finally we made the decision to send the interested students for the seminar.

Martin Luther College has always interested the students of our institute because of the activities, seminars and events that it keeps organising and this time too, I am sure that the global warming seminar will be a source of knowledge and awakening for many. The names of the students who shall be visiting you on the 14th of May are:

  • Henry Kell
  • Martin Henderson
  • Sarah Marshall
  • Josephine Andrews
  • Martha Christine

The students will be present with their ID cards and they are selected on the basis of an essay on global warming that they were made to present.

Thanks for the invitation

Yours faithfully

Peter Jackson


National high school



Greg Harrison

H-78, first floor, Fourth block, West City road



Date: 12th June 2012

Subject: Birthday party acceptance letter

Hi Greg

I received the invitation card for your birthday party yesterday and would like to inform you that I shall be able to make it to it inspite of my ongoing examinations in school. Earlier I was a little doubtful about coming to your party but I am so excited to meet you and so happy that you are turning 16 that I decided to accept the invitation.

You are such a sweet friend that even after 2 years of changing school you remembered to invite me to your party and still consider me important enough. It was so difficult to say no to it as I am sure that the party will be really exciting. Infact it will be a reunion for us.

I shall be reaching Manchester on the 20th of June and would spend the entire day with you. I shall be leaving on the 21’st early in the morning as I have to get back to studies for my final exams.

Really looking forward to meet you and our gang.

Your friend

Jamie Jacobs



Henry Peterson

Managing director, Peterson group of companies



19th May 2012

Subject: Corporate event acceptance letter

Respected Mr. Peterson

This is to inform you that I, Jack McDonalds on behalf of ‘Tim and Cook Corporation’ have received the invitation sent by your company for being part of the corporate event that you are hosting next month in Birmingham. This event has been on my company’s wish list for quite some time and I am extremely glad to tell you that we have accepted the invitation for it.

“The Business conclave corporate event" hosted by you is very reputed and talked about. Every textile business company wishes to be part of it so as to expand the range of clients, business scope and publicity. It is our honour to be invited and we shall take active participation in it.

Please send us all the details and the brochure for the corporate event as soon as possible so that we can make necessary preparations for it and inform about it to the employees. Just for the sake of information, I would like to tell you that we are particularly interested in anything that has to do with design and texture.

Thanking you

Jack McDonalds

Tim and Cook Corp.



The Dean

Liverpool University

Liverpool, UK

Date: 23rd May 2012

Subject: Accepting the admission in the Engineering College

Respected Sir

This is to inform you sir, that I, Peter Lawrence, a pass out of St. Michael’s school, London have received the confirmation of my admission to your Engineering school two days back. I am writing to you to inform that I have accepted the admission letter and am really grateful that you could find time to write to me to inform me about my admission. It is my honour and privilege to be selected as one of the students of your engineering school.

I had opted for the mechanical engineering stream and am really happy that my application for it too has been accepted by the college authorities. I assure you that I will be a great student for your college and would do my best to live up to the name of the institution. I am not only hardworking but also have set goals in life, the route of which passes through Liverpool University.

I would soon visit the University and fill in the required documents and pay the fee to begin my engineering studies from the set date.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Peter Lawrence



The Dean

Boston Law School

Boston, USA


Date: 18th June 2012

Subject: Accepting the admission in the Law School

Respected Sir

It is my privilege and honour to be replying to the letter which I received from Boston Law School regarding my acceptance of application in the graduation level law studies. I am really happy that my application was considered and I have been chosen as one of the 30 students who get to study in such a reputed and respected institution. I have accepted the admission offer and am really glad to be given this opportunity.

Boston Law School has been my dream college ever since I decided to pursue my education in the field of Law. My Father too has been a pass out of this college and thus this admission means a lot to me emotionally as well. Thank you for considering me worthy enough of this college and I assure you that I won’t let you down.

I wish to become a successful attorney in the future and this college will surely help me be one someday. I shall be present in the college premises next week to pay the fee and begin the coursework.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Carl Max



Bill Henderson

The Dean,

University of Reading


23rd April 2012

Subject: PhD acceptance letter in your business school

Respected Sir Bill,

This is to inform you that I, Chris Martin, a Mathematics Postgraduate from University of Leeds has received that letter of confirmation for my admission application in the PhD course. This news came as a big surprise for me and my family and together we have decided to accept the PhD course invitation from your University. I am extremely glad and honoured that I have been selected out of a group of over 100 students for the program and will surely prove my calibre and hardwork to you in the coming years.

University of Reading has always been my dream university even when I was in my graduate school and even during Post graduation years. I have worked hard to crack the admission test and now feel very happy to get the admission. But my confidence won’t change into arrogance or over confidence as I shall work hard to achieve my aim of obtaining doctorate in Mathematics.

I assure you that I will make the University proud and would live upto its principles for sure.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Chris Martin


St. Martins’ college



Kelly Nathan

3-H, Second floor, Hell’s Kitchen Block

Sunnyvale, CA


13th April 2012

Subject: Acceptance of the sponsorship offered by your company

Dear Miss. Nathan,

This is regarding the sponsorship offering proposal that we received from your company for our college festival from 12th June 2012. We went through the details of the sponsorship that you are willing to offer to us and came to the decision that we will be more than pleased to accept it. St. Martin’s College Sunnyvale shall be honoured to be sponsored by a company of your stature and reputation.

As per your proposal, one banner from your company shall be put up on the main entrance gate of the college and smaller banners shall be put across the entire college during the college festivals dates which are from 1st June 2012 to 4th June 2012. Some of the promotion banners shall also be put up 1 week in advance to the college festival. We are glad to receive a total sum of $750 from you and will spend it in the best possible manner.

Thanks for the sponsorship. We shall be sending you 10 free passes for the festival.

Yours faithfully

Henry James

Senior College festival Volunteer

St. Martins’ college



Mathew James

4-r, first floor, Fredrickson lane

Martin towers, Manchester


1st May 2012

Subject: Tender Acceptance

Dear Mr. James

I, Fred Timberson on behalf of our company, Timberson and Hardley would like to inform you that we have accepted your tender. We are extremely happy to give you this news and hope that you too shall be pleased with the acceptance of your tender. I and Mr. Hardley, who is the other founder of this company, have together decided to purchase 300 handsets of Samsung Mobile Company from your store as per the tender terms and proposal.

We received your tender proposal on 20th April 2012 along with about 5 more proposals but were quite impressed with your proposal and as a result have taken this decision. We shall be buying the handsets at a price of 10000 pounds as per your tender proposal details. What encouraged us to accept your tender besides your proposal was the good reputation of your company.

We are quite excited to have made this deal with you and hope that working with you will be beneficial and satisfying for us.

If you have any queries or questions, feel free to contact us

Thanking you

Fred Timberson

Timberson and Hardley Limited.


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