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Lawrence Bradshaw

B-90, east wood road, Kelly tower,



12th July 2012

Subject: Acceptance of the Offer

Dear Mr. Lawrence

I, Paul Roberto on behalf of Marshall and Roberto Corp. write to you to inform you that our company has decided to accept your business offer. We received your business offer on the 28th of May 2012 and have been trying to take a decision whether to accept it or not. Finally, we decided that this offer would prove to be quite beneficial for us and would help your company as well to earn a good reputation.

To confirm facts, we would like to tell you that we have accepted your offer about purchasing of electronics worth $20000 from you which would span for 12 months time and would include packaging costs, delivery costs etc. During this period if any of the products are found to be faulty, we shall return them to you as soon as possible.

It is an absolute pleasure to have a chance of working with a company as reputed as yours and we are looking forward to our collaboration. Please contact us for signing of the legal contract.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Paul Roberto

Marketing Head

Marshall and Roberto Corp



Mr Watson,


Imperial College of Business Studies,



Ms Veronica,

E-2, Galaxy Towers Apartments,

Wellington Drive,


Dear Ms Veronica,

I, Mr Watson, the dean of Imperial College of Business Studies, am glad to announce that your application for admission in our institute has been accepted. Considering the fact that the term has already started, it was very difficult to grant you the admission; since to cope up with the lagging portion of this term will be very difficult even for the best of the students. However, the repeated assurance from your side and excellent past academic record in view, we decided that it would not be fair to deny you an opportunity to save one entire year.

The institution also wishes to elucidate the fact that you shall be getting all the support you need while being in the course to catch with the rest of the students. We are looking forward to the development of a brighter student to make us proud with her achievements. Wishing you best luck,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Watson

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Mrs Carmen,

Human Resource Officer,

KBL Communications Ltd,



Mr Smith,

C -3, Black Brick Drive,


Dear Mr Smith,

I, Mrs Carmen, the human resource officer of KBL Communications Ltd, am writing this letter to make you aware of the fact that your application for the job of junior sales manager has been accepted. After going through your resume, we were satiated by your performances in the academic exams and we feel that you will be able to deliver the performance which we have been in search for. We expect that the zeal which you portrayed in your job application would reflect in your performance and result in the prosperity of the firm.

Putting into effect all the academic excellence along with the work ethics shall help you deliver the expected performance. I would like to elucidate the fact that the working ambience in KBL Communications Ltd is a benchmark for all the existing firms in the communiqué industry and it shall help you to deliver, what is expected.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Carmen

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Mr Robinson,

Head of Security Department,

Casino Royale,

Venice, Italy


Mr Crouch,

Lock Horn Software Ltd,

Capri, Italy

Dear Mr Crouch,

It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction in making you known of the fact that the security software proposed by your firm has been accepted. The mock execution of the software has been a success and hence, the casino authorities have decided to upgrade the security system of the casino with the help of your software. We would like to install the software within a month and hence the details regarding this are expected to be heard from your side at the earliest.

There are certain facts which came to the surface while the mock execution of the software and which have to be taken into account while the installation of the software. These details have been enclosed along with this letter. We are hopeful that the assurance of full proof security through this security software shall be delivered after installation of the software. Expecting to hear from you at the earliest,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Robinson

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Ms Finnegan,

Show Organiser,

Rising Stars 2011,



Mr Marc,

Churchill Art Academy,


Dear Mr Marc,

I, Ms Finnegan, the show organiser of ‘Rising Star 2011’ event, am writing this letter to convey you the acceptance of the application from the students of your academy for performing a Play during this event. The auditions gave us a peek at the glimpses of the talent in the students and we would be proud to showcase it in our event. We are expecting that the students from your academy shall portray the same kind of zeal, of which we caught glimpses in the audition.

The time allotted to the programming group from your academy and other details have been enclosed along with this letter. I would also like to elucidate that we shall be providing the props, costumes and other things needed for the show. So, please send us a detailed list of requirements from your side at the earliest. Looking forward for a breath taking Play program,

Yours faithfully,

Ms Finnegan

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Mr Williamson,

Sports Goods and Equipments Department,

Harvard University


Mrs Electra,

Excellence Sports Products,


Dear Mrs Electra,

This letter has come into effect to inform you that the tender, submitted on your behalf, for supplying the sports goods from June 2011 to June 2013, has been accepted. The inspection of the quality of the sports goods from your firm has been satisfying for the requirements from our side. We are expecting that the quality parameter shall be maintained up to the standard which has been showcased during the inspection. A meeting between the two sides is necessary in order to contemplate the minute details of the deal. Hence, we are expecting a word on your part in this context.

The meet between the two sides shall also result in providing you with the details of the sports goods which are required by the University during the first consignment. We are looking forward for a successful and a prosperous business bond between the two of us in the coming future.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Williamson

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Michael Hardy,

10, N G Street,

New York-859746




Head of Commerce Department,

Columbia University,

New York-569874


Dear Sir/Madam,

Ref- Project submission receipt no.123456, dated 2/5/2011.

I, Michael Hardy, Having Roll no.420, studying in second year of three years bachelor degree program, hereby would like to inform you that I have submitted my academic project which was subjected on Human Resource Development. But the matter of fact is that I have still not received the confirmation from the University for the same. Therefore, I am little bit scared whether my project has been accepted or not. Although, I was late by two days but I had informed the reason of late submission to the department.

I once again request you to kindly pay attention to my project and please convey me the confirmation of the acceptance of the project. I have followed all the instructions in the preparation of the project. However, if there is still anything lacking in my project because of which you are not issuing the confirmation then I am ready to make changes if allowed. It has been so long since the submission of project. I am so scared that I cannot focus on my study.

Please kindly inform me about the acceptance of the project as early as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,

Michael Hardy

(Roll no.420, second year in bachelor degree)

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Jacob Oram,

102, Orange Street,






Columbia University,

New York-564236,


Dear Sir,

Ref- Resignation letter dated 2/1/2011 from the post of ASST. PROF.

I, Jacob Oram have been assistant professor in your University for last two years. With some personal problem I am not able to continue to work on this post in future. For the same I have already submitted the resignation letter to you. I have also mentioned my problem in detailed in the resignation letter which you can see for your reference.

It has been almost one and half month since I have submitted the resignation letter but yet I have not received any confirmation of resignation from your side. I have also inquired about the confirmation of my resignation in the office of the University but I did not get the clear answer from the staff. Therefore, I once again request you to kindly accept my resignation and please let me inform about the confirmation of the resignation as early as possible from your side.

I shall highly oblige if I get prompt response from you.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Jacob Oram

(Assistance Professor)

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George Mathew

103, red street,

New York, USA




Columbia University

120th Street New York, NY,


Dear Sir,

Ref- Application dated 2/15/2011 for the admission in two years post graduation program in marketing and sales.

I am seeking admission in your two years post graduation program in marketing and sales, for which I have already written an application to the University. I have completed my three years bachelor degree program with good marks from the same University. Therefore, I am complete eligible for this two years program. I have also sought that there are still many vacant seats for this particular program.

But the matter of fact is that I have still not received any confirmation from the University. It has been too late submitting the application; therefore, I cannot acquire admission in any other University.  Therefore, I hereby request you to kindly accept my application for the admission if not accepted yet and if it has already been accepted then inform me the same as early as possible so that I can start sitting lecture for the program.

Please Kindly pay due attention to your former student.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

George Mathew

(Former student of University)

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Ms. Gretchen Sparks

130 High Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02110

January 6, 2011

Ms. Claire Williams

Buffalo, New York 14213-2979

Dear Claire,


I was delighted upon receiving your invitation for our band to be the entertainers for your father’s retirement party.  It is fortunate that the booking we have for the same date has been cancelled and we will be able to make it on the said date.  I am so glad to accept your invitation.  The band has agreed to play at the party for free as I have requested; please accept this as a simple gift.

It has been a long time since I have seen your father and singing during the party would be a most fitting way of honoring him.  I have learned many helpful insights about life from our conservations with your father and I have treasured these through all these years.  It is good to hear that he is finally retiring from work and will now be able to enjoy some leisure time with family and friends.

See you at the party!

Your friend,


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