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SUBJECT- The grievance relief

Dear sir/ madam,

This letter is a result of sheer desperation and despair. It has been more than a month that the Mall management has promised for the compensation of the damage incurred to the health of my grandmother. After considering all the pros and cons, the mall management has decided to do away with the medical bills and they have even promised for apology compensation. The apology compensation, set aside, the mall management has not even fulfilled the promise of paying the medical expenses of their negligence.

This is the last letter as far as personal communication is concerned. If the response does not turn out within a week, this would assume a legal face. This has been discussed in the last meet itself and now considering that there is no scope for any improvement in the near future, the legal way is the road ahead. Please, avoid any bitter consequence in future.

Yours sincerely,

(Sender’s name and signature).

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Mr. D’Souza,

The manager,

Dream Mall


The Working Staff,

Dream Mall

Dear staff people,

I, Mr. D’Souza, the manager of the Dream Mall, have something to share with all of you. There are certain things which the management of the Mall wants it’s working people to be made known about. Like every year, there are festive offers waiting for this year’s Christmas month. The management is expecting that the Mall shall yield more profit that all other past year. In order to make this happen, all the working staff people are made aware of the fact their working timings are extended by 2 hours on a daily basis.

The news of working extra time comes along with a pleasant news that the management of the Dream Mall has decided to give a bonus to all the working staff people of not one but two months. The bonus is to encourage a new lease of enthusiasm among the staff. Wishing you all a prosperous festive season ahead,

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. D’Souza.

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As the name suggests, a business letter is a communication medium preferred in the business environment. The thing which differentiates the business letters from the ordinary letters is the formal approach which they carry. There are different types of business letters used at different times. Application letters are made while applying for a job, tender, etc. The appointment letters are the replies to these application letters. The contract letters are the ones which are used while sharing the details of a contract.

The complaint or the grievance letters are the most commonly used ones in any business. Cancellation letters are used for the purpose of cancelling a rendezvous, a deal, etc. There are other business letters like letters for promotion, for congratulations, for condolences, etc. The formal approaches in which all these letters are dealt with are in form of Business Reply letters. All these letters make up for business communication.

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Dear Valued Customer

At the outset, we thank you for your kind patronage of our services and we are proud to be associated with you for continued service to be rendered during the course of our association.

We have brought out a revolution in maintaining this service by introducing a toll free line to enable you to save your hard earned money while calling us for any assistance or service required at any time and while we care to attend to your immediate needs, we also take your calls at our cost.

Please make a note of our toll free number is which is ………………..which will be working 24x7x365.

Please let us know if there was any situation where your requirement was unfulfilled or your call was not responded any time so as to initiate corrective action at our end.

We also invite your valuable suggestion to improve our services.

Thanking you and assuring you of our best services,

Manager Customer Care

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October 18, 2010

Mr. Raymond Seldanha


Campus Renaissance Inc.
2850 High Bridge Road
Edinburgh UK

Dear Seldanha:

Woodline Properties is pleased to submit herewith our letter of interest to participate in your campus neighborhood development project.

Ever since we were invited to address this exciting opportunity, our team members have joined hands to produce an initial plan we believe will energize the neighborhood, strengthen the University community besides producing long ­term benefits for the entire City of Edinburgh.

We are a team of professionals with a proven track record in this region having the potential to successfully transform our plan into reality. Our team comprises members who have worked together on numerous successful projects. They have been assembled for this project because of the enormous trust and confidence they have with each other. You can be assured that the lead partners in our group will manage the project closely and carefully with accountability for results will never be delegated.

In the weeks ahead, we look forward to receiving comments from Campus Renaissance and the community at large about our preliminary proposal during the public consultation process. We understand that right now the plan is clearly a ‘work in progress’ which can only be improved by input from the various stakeholders who care the most about the area in question. We therefore look forward to using their input to develop a comprehensive integrated final development plan.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate.


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October 30, 2010

From: Meridith Marconi

To: Franco Johnson, Director, Research Program

Subject: Commendation – Henry Marx – Transport Demand Project

This communiqué is to officially commend Marx Stapleton for his brilliant

contribution throughout his assignment to the Transport Demand Project (TDP).

As you know, Marx has been working on special assignment with the TDP team
for the past seven months with his return to your part of the organization shortly, I wanted to ensure that he gets some recognition for his noteworthy and exceptional contributions to the project.

As an econometrician, Marx’s role in the project was prominent to its timely and successful completion. It was he who worked long hours, several nights with sacrificing his weekends with his small team of researchers, to specify first and then testing the thousands of equations that had to be run. The quality of Marx’s written work was also exceptional. His regression analysis summaries were always very well written and hardly required editing.

As a colleague and project team member, Marx was outstanding too. His upbeat enthusiasm for the project was communicable, and he seemed to have motivated his entire project team. He was very much liked by the entire team members and thus he
became unofficially a deputy project manager.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I have worked with many junior economists
and econometricians over the years and have never run across one as professional and productive as Marx was on the TDP. I believe that the organization as a whole should recognize his exceptional contribution to a major project.

Meridith Marconi

Cc: Marx Stapleton

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Ms. Margaret Thatcher                                                                                                              Director, Corporate Services
Riviera International Inc.
245 Dearborn Park Road
Birmingham BG67GB

Dear Ms. Thatcher:

It was a great pleasure in meeting you though briefly at last week’s Board of Trade event. I was fascinated by your synopsis of the history of Riviera International over the past, almost half­ a century. Obviously, your company has a rich corporate heritage and tradition besides being blessed with a continuum of leaders of prudence and thoughts who had the guts to change course at key points along the way that your company could remain competitive and continue to lead its industry.

As I mentioned to you, the final edition publications is a specialty publisher focusing on corporate publications including annual reports, corporate profiles and corporate histories. We have been in business for over 10 years and during that time have grown from a two men start­up to a serious corporate publisher with over 100 employees. We have been contracted by over a dozen Fortune 500 companies to produce both annual and special occasion publications on their behalf.

Thank you and looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you again,

Warm regards,

Sincerely yours

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Ms. Jane Rodon
United Way
2300 E. Broad Street

Dear Ms. Rodon:

Thank you very much for talking with me on Monday in response to my inquiry about summer internship opportunities in social services in the Oxford area. After speaking with you and another Oxford University alumnus whose name I obtained through web,  I think I am very much prepared to pursue internship opportunities.

As per your advice, I have updated my CV a copy of which I am forwarding to you, wherein you will find my recent hotline volunteer activities. I also plan to contact Deborah Warden as suggested by you and I appreciate your giving me her name.

Thank you for inviting me to visit your office. I will be in Oxford during autumn break, when I will call your office two weeks prior to explore if it would be convenient to schedule a visit.

I once again thank you very much for your help and advice. I look forward to meeting you in September.

Morgan Jeoffery

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M/s. Silverton Enterprises

78, Haddows Street

Nottingham NG76BP

Dear Sirs:

At the outset, we thank you very much for all the assistance you rendered to us when we were with you a couple of days in your town in connection with our proposal of setting up our business. It was indeed a great pleasure to be with you and taking all guidance and assistance that we were literally successful in paving basic infrastructure in setting up our business operations in your area. In all probability, our operations should get into full swing in a bout a fortnight’s time.

At this juncture, we request you to kindly visit us and let us have the pleasure of reciprocating our gesture. We are sure our mutual understanding and cooperation will go long way in promoting each other’s venture in their respective places and we look forward to your reciprocating spirit.

Thank you once gain,

Very truly yours

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August 6, 2010

Mr. Ralph Harris

General Manager

Clip & Paper Office Supplies

Dear Mr. Harris:

This is to inform you that we are cancelling our order of 100 boxes of bond paper due to the late delivery of our current order of 100 boxes of pens. We understand that your business is still new in the industry. However, we cannot afford to adjust to your own short comings as we are also maintaining a name in the industry. Any delay on your part may cause losses on our business.

We are really sorry that we have to cut our business ties this short.

We wish you success in the future endeavors of your business.


Kate Martin

Procurement Officer

Citibank, Inc.

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