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Donation letters are one way of reaching out to people to help you with your cause or mission. To write an effective donation letter it is important to reach out and make an impact on the readers, so that they are moved to help you with your cause.

At the outset, establish your credibility. It is good to write these letters on a formal letter-head. In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and your organization. The body of the letter must elaborate on the cause for which you are seeking donation. It is best to quote how donations in the past have helped in specific cases. By giving examples of real-life cases you can add authenticity to your cause as well appeal to the reader’s sensibilities. Briefly explain how you are going to make use of the donation. When you give a systematic account of all these details, it is sure to impress the reader and the letters can become more effective.

Keep the tone of the letters polite and courteous. As you are signing off remember to thank the readers for their time and effort in going through your letter.

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Christine Charlie


Walk District

Nottingham, London


13 January 2012

Subject: Contribution towards building up of a hospital for underprivileged.

Respected Sir,

I am Roose C. Williams and I am addressing this letter to you in response to your letter seeking for donations to build up a hospital for poor population in the nearby locality.

I really appreciate your step to think over such an issue and as a token of admiration I would like to contribute a generous amount of 2000$ for the same. I am willing to be a part of any help that you require to mould this structure and I am heartily interested in this gracious deed. Running a hospital requires a lot of infrastructure, staff members, security, instruments and technologies.

Please feel free to contact me for any kind of assistance you may need. I would be glad if my contribution comes to use for such a worthy cause initiated by you.



Roose C. Williams



Samuel Marley


Aerocort Company

Amoy Building, 1st Floor

Buckingham, UK

13TH February 2012

Subject: Requesting for a fund rising of “ease productivity project".

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my group of 7 people who specialises in the field of robotics. Recently we have thought of building up a huge project linked with robotics that would surely be of interest to you and your organisation.

The project named “ease productivity project" is in its initial stages of synchronisation and we are in a need to collect funds to take it forward. Giving you brief details, this project would help in resolving complexities, achieving higher productivities and processing work. Since we are unable to furnish this task ourselves, we request you to kindly donate generously for us. Your donation towards this project would be beneficial to both of us.

For your convenience, we can talk about its terms and conditions that would run mutually. I look forward for a positive response from your side.


Selene Joy

Robotics Club, Joy University



Linkin Fred


Christian Foundation

113-S, Hill Street

New York


28th February 2012

Respected Sir,

I came to know about your foundation from a recent advertisement that has been published in Youth Next Newspaper, dated 12th February. Our Company Board of Directors had decided to donate a respectable fund to your organisation in response to your call for help for Malaria and Cancer sufferers.

Ours is the company that are believers of the fact that healthy and hygienic food is must for a disease-free body. We produce food stuff that is of high quality and rich in nutrients. Individual’s health and fitness is our utmost concern and with due reason we wish to contribute by helping Malaria and Cancer patients. Searching and exploring about your foundation, we found out it to be highly reputed and we trust that the amount that would be donated by us would be put to a worthy cause.

We wish Christian Foundation success in its accomplishments and pray that the sufferers get healthy lives.


Suzie Greg


Chill Food Company.



Jones Henry


Glory Hospital

Taunton, UK

1st March 2012

Respected Sir,

I read your advertisement in Times Daily, dated 22nd February 2012 regarding donations for improving the facilities and infrastructure of the hospice. I am therefore writing this letter to show my interest for the donation of a humble amount to your charitable hospital.

Sir, the management in your hospital is largely being appreciated all over the town. During my father’s sickness, we were suffering from lack of finances. Availing your charity fund, we were able to grip the situation that time. Me and my family are so grateful to your organisation and hospitality to save the life of my father.

I am herewith enclosing a cheque of $500 with this letter for your institution. I really hope that my funds would be used to save a yet another life as it did when we in need for it.

Thanking you once again.


Susie Harry.



Charley George


Holy Food Manufacturers

13-Ultra Street

London, UK

2nd March 2012

Subject: Requesting you to donate healthy food to our soup kitchen.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Golmez Soup Kitchen that has recently been opened up to provide a meal per day to homeless and needy population across the country.

Our Soup Kitchen is a registered set up with a great success as we have four to five volunteers working with us day and night. Our organisation is purely a charitable one; our food is donated by some people on a regular basis and by some as, on and off donations. I therefore request you to kindly give a thought of contributing as much little as you can do to help the deprived sector. With the onset of winter season, we have a rising demand for hot stuff and beverages.

I therefore request you to please donate for such a worthy cause. You can contact us on 8738293829 to extend a helping hand towards the needy people.

Thanking you.


Henry Walt

Manager, Golmez Soup Kitchen.



Elisabeth Spencer

General Manager- Eagle Sales Pvt. Ltd

King George Apartment, Spring Dale Garden

Westminster, United Kingdom

March 4th, 2012,

Dear Mr. Spencer,

On the behalf of New Life Old Age Home, We would like to share a fundraising donation program with your business organization. New Life Old Age home is a NGO that conducts various charity programs in order to raise funds for the wellbeing of old age people. Please find an information sheet of fundraising enclosed with this donation letter.

We also offer benefits on lifetime sponsorship of New Life Old Age Home donation programs. This fundraising amount will be spent on the development of this old age home.

If you have any question, kindly feel free to contact us at: [email protected] or you can reach us on: 6879 348 5869. For more information, please log on to our website:

Hope you will support us in this fundraising cause!

Thank you so much for considering this fundraising donation letter.


Diana Smith

New Life Old Age Home

Organizing Manager



Mr. Andrew Smith

5th Avenue, Baker’s Park

Westminster, United Kingdom

March 3rd, 2012

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am delighted to see your response on the donation program conducted by New Generation Welfare Association. Kindly find enclosed an introduction pamphlet in order to get an overview of the functioning of this welfare association.

As we discussed during the meeting, we are a team of enthusiastic youths who intend to serve the society by helping old age people, widow women and orphan kids. New Generation Welfare association invests the raised donation funds into the development of the society.

In case you require any information or you have any question, please feel free to contact us on: 6879 485 5868 or you can reach us at: [email protected] You can also log on to: , where you can register to support the sponsorship programs.

I would like to appreciate your thoughtful decision of helping us.

Yours Sincerely,

Katharine Hudson,

Managing Director

New Generation Welfare Association



Mr. Robinson Hudson

Eagle Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd

5th Avenue, Baker Street

Westminster, United Kingdom

March 4th 2012

Sub: Request for Donation

Dear Mr. Hudson,

It was nice meeting you!

As per our discussion held about New Age Orphan House donation cause, I would like to request you to help us in conducting different charity events. Kindly find attached donation programs to donate us some amount in order to assist our orphan house.

All these charity programs are conducted by us to raise the fund to fulfil the routine requirements of orphan kids. We use the collected funds in taking care of health, food and studies of these orphan kids.

It will be of great help if you can help us in giving a better life to New Age Orphan House kids!

Kindly feel free to contact us at: [email protected] or you can reach us on: 7890 333 5869 in case you require any information.

I would like to thank you for your generous consideration of our request.

Thank You,

Elisabeth Atkinson

New Age Orphan House



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