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Grievance letters are an effective way to share our dissatisfaction. These are a constructive feedback to the company or the product one has been using. One should keep in mind that besides focussing on the grievances, one should also focus on some good points of the company.  This will give the reader the idea that the writer of the letter is not of complaining nature. The correct format must be followed while writing a grievance letter and the main points should be clearly focused on. This is the best professional way to make complaints in a work place. However, there is no legal binding process as to how to raise a grievance at work.

Certain considerations are to be maintained while writing a grievance letter. These are:

  • Calm is the only operative word that should be kept in mind while writing a letter of complaint. The letter should be very professional and should not sound rude.
  • Instead of rambling over unrelated topics, focus should solely be made upon the complaints so that the reader understands it and fosters a solution.
  • Both the parties should not engage themselves upon arguments and disputes. One must keep in mind that the letter should not be written when somebody is hot under the collar. The emotions should be cast off before starting the letter.

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Paul Mc. Carton


Jolt Enterprises

Holy Building, UK

2nd April 2012

Subject: Raising grievance against a member of the financial department

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to raise my grievance against one of the staff members of Financial Department at our company. I have thought several times before writing this letter to you.

Financial Department of our company comprises of a team of 14 members along with senior managers. Troy Watson, a member of this team is posing a problem at my work from past two weeks. Whenever I ask for financial statements, bank account statements and any other useful documents, he never forwards it to me on time. This in turn causes problems to me and my performance records. I have personally tried to talk to him but his behaviour towards me was very rude and unjustified.

I would be very thankful to you if you can take sudden actions to resolve this grievance.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Jacob John




Leonardo Watt

134 Park Street

New York, UK

3rd April 2012

Subject: Invitation letter to a grievance meeting.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to arrange for a formal meeting against your grievance receipt that we received on 30th March 2012. This meeting is very important to resolve various grievances that you have raised based on Grievance Principles of our Company.

At your convenience, I would like to propose you a meeting on 7th April 2012 at Coffee Union, Heaven Street. The timings of the meeting can be fixed according to your comfort. Please contact me by 5th April if there are any changes in the date of the meeting.

You have an open right to represent a fellow worker or a union representative at the meeting. At your responsibility, you are required to inform us by 5th April about your representative and ensure his attendance.  For any further information, you can contact us on 393928392 or 372283782.

I look forward to see you.


George Martin

HR Manager

Prepare Enterprises.



Sandy Hoffman


Holy Hospital

Buckingham, UK

4th April 2012

Subject: Raising a grievance against unsatisfactory conditions of the Emergency Ward.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter with a purpose to raise a grievance against the emergency ward of your hospital.

My complaint concerns the unhygienic, improper and careless treatments given to the patients at the ward. On 1st April, my friend wanted to have his stitches dressing changed. He was given a time of 5:00 PM by the doctors. We reached there before time but the doctors were not there to treat him. The dirty bed sheets and improper dusting was a next concern. Some of the patients were dying of pain but there was no one to attend them.

Please take immediate actions to resolve my grievance. This is a matter of concern not only for me but all the patients visiting the emergency ward. Kindly look after this important issue and respond promptly.

Thanking you.


Jacob Henry


Grievance Letters



Glen Lane

Manufacturing Department Head

Raw Materials Manufacturer Limited

78 Universal High Street

Colorado, San Francisco 4290

Dated: 1st of May 2012

Subject: Grievance against low wages

Respected Mr. Lane,

I, on behalf of the labor union would like to express the grievance that we have in regards to the low wages received by us. We feel that the wages that we are receiving are very low.

The current average wage received by the laborers is around $1000 per month. This amount is much less than the standard labor rate received in the industry. We are expecting the average labor wage to be increased by $1000. Keeping the current rate of inflation in mind it is impossible to survive with the wages being received.

I would request you to please look into the matter and take some action. I am expecting a grievance hearing date from your end.

Thanking you,

Roger Moore

Labor Union Leader



Jane Martin

Sales Manager

Youth Private Limited

132, Park Street


5th April 2012

Subject: Grievance against a co-worker.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the inconveniences that I am facing during my employment tenure. My co-worker, Mr. Joe Watson does not cooperate with me anywhere and also misguides me in important projects.

As you know, I am a new employee to your company, I was asked to work with Mr. Joe to seek training. From the day one he treats me with rude inferiority and verbally abuses me all the time. Yesterday when I asked him about the print outs of one of the documents, he shouted on me in front of the entire team of Taxation department. He intentionally misguides me in my tasks which hamper my performance records and training procedures.

I request you to investigate this matter further and club me up with some other member for my future trainings.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Bob Marley

Sales Executive



Grievance Letters



Lytton More

Assistant Manager

Gas Garments Limited

45 Aspen High Road

New York, New Jersey 5690

Dated: 23rd of March 2012

Subject: Hearing of your grievance

Dear Lytton,

This letter is in regards to your grievance dated 12th of March 2012 regarding working overtime every day. We would like to inform you that we have arranged for a formal hearing of your grievance on 25th of March 2012 at the conference room around 11 A.M.

The organization has been investigating the reason for you and your team members working for twelve hours every day though the scheduled working hours is for nine hours. If you want you can also ask two of your team members to accompany you for the hearing so that we can take more than one viewpoint to have a better understanding.

I am enclosing few information gathered during the investigation along with the letter.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Moody

General Manager

Gas Garments Limited



Dwayne Johnson

Grievance department head

New York Municipal Corporation

56 Yankee Doodle Street,

New York, New Jersey 3467

Dated: 10th of April 2012

Subject: Grievance redressal letter

Respected Mr. Johnson,

This letter is in regards to the problem we are facing at our locality. I would like to make a complaint in regards to that.

There used to be a garbage bin outside our house which was a common garbage bin for all the residents of the locality. But last month the garbage bin has been removed by the officials of New York Municipal Corporation. A number of requests had been sent from the residents of our locality to replace the bin. But no action has been taken. As a result we don’t have to have proper place to dump the garbage of our house.

I request you to take an action immediately for our convenience. I am enclosing my contact details with the letter.


Roger Moore



Peterson Paul

134 Royals Street



4rth April 2012

Subject: Resolution of your grievance regarding poor services.

Dear Customer,

I am writing this letter in response to your grievance raised on 2nd of April regarding the poor services received by you from our hotel staff. We truly respect your right to file a concern and apologise for the inconvenience caused by you.

Examining your complaints and concerns, the staff manager along with fellow junior managers completed their investigation today. We have interviewed our chef and the waiters allotted to serve the food to your room. They were questioned on delayed in serving your food. Keeping in mind your grievance, we at Soft Hotels have appointed many new skilled and proficient waiters for quick services.

Thanks a lot for bringing this matter to our attention. We promise to serve you with excellence in future.

If you have any additional questions or complaints regarding us please feel free to contact us on 387328338 or 373874833.


Mark Henry

Manager, Soft Hotels.



The Principal

Holy Convent School

Glow Road

New York

2nd April 2012

Subject: Raising grievance for poor hygienic conditions.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the all the members of the Parents representative group. I am writing to you to raise my grievance regarding the poor hygiene conditions in school premises.

A clean and a healthy study atmosphere is a major concern for all the parents now-a-days. It is to bring to your notice that the water tanks, swimming pools, urinals and the classrooms are not being cleaned on a regular basis. This is causing several health problems to the students of this school. In addition, many students complained that one week back there were cockroaches found in the water filters and canteen junks! The dust being accumulated in class rooms, corridors and libraries is yet another reason for a worry.

Please do the needful and improve the cleaning practices of Holy Convent School as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for your time.


George Pet

Head, Parents Representative Group.

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