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William Pereira,

404 Prime Avenue,

New York 57783



Sunrise School of Wisconsin,

Wisconsin 58814

Hi There,

I am, William Pereira, father of John Pereira who is in your school studying 7th grade.  I came to know from my kid that there have been instances wherein he is facing severe criticism from his colleagues and teachers for not performing best for any given task though he is indeed much better than an average student at your school.  If you have any doubt on this you can have a look at his report card and will definitely find satisfactory results for an above-average student performance.

I certainly would like you to take necessary course of action against those who are giving my kid hardship at the cost of their advantage.  These types of instances would certainly be dampening for any children studying at your school or, for sake, any other school having such instances at a frequent rate.  I assume that, henceforth, there will not be any happening of such instances in future.

Yours Sincerely,

William Pereira

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Francis Wilson,

Wisconsin 58734


Brat Watson,

American Hospital Of Tertiary Health,

New York 59986

Dear Brat,

I am thankful for you and your hospital for providing me best service for my health issues.  Though I have no objection towards any amount of charges against services you provided to better my health standards, but I have real hardship in payment of medical bills considering that I am not in a state of economic wellbeing.  I would request you to take a note of it and provide me certain comfort wherein I can take a successful approach to make payments at a constant endeavor.

You might be aware of such situations wherein patients are not able to make financial medical bills as they are made available to them at a situation in their life that it’s hard for them to honor them.  It is, therefore, required on your part to successfully help them out and recover the patients from any possible condition where they might get another medical treatment not meant for.

Yours Truly,

Francis Wilson

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Terrance Obama,

Prime Underprivileged Society,

Wisconsin 53064


John Bolton,

Jersey Group Of Companies,

North Carolina 54475

Dear Mr. John,

It is to my satisfaction to make reachable to you on behalf of my society for a perfect hardship.  Since we are dealing with underprivileged members in most of the states of USA, I would like you to take an initiative to spearhead our new agenda for specific members of the society i.e. malnutrition of children.  Your support in this direction will be of great help to maintain the quality of the children of a certain age group.

Looking at your time constraint, we will like to take your efforts for specific functions which are going to happen in near vicinity and will be of short distance for your approach. I hope you are going to consider it since you have been associated with many other such organizations for a better cause and also bring in new changes which the world is awaiting for.  Your confirmation is deeply awaited for this perfect hardship.

Yours Truly,

Terrance Obama

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Tom Cruise,

New York 50026


Chris Watson,

Independent Lenders Bank,

North Carolina 52275

Dear Mr. Chris,

I, Tom Cruise, would like to bring to your notice that I am pleased to have communication with your organization at this point of time.  There have been many instances wherein I have approached a couple of lenders for my project since few months now.  I came to know about your organization through my friend, Christ Donald, who is also one of your clients. He is very satisfied and also appreciative about your organization’s active involvement in projects.  It would be of great help if I get your organization to fund my project and lend for a period of at least 2 years considering the project details which I have made available with this letter.

To being with, I would be glad to become your esteemed client considering that I have no defaults in my entire life.  Your response towards my project would be deeply awaited.  Hope to make another communication with you in order to execute hardship of lender requirement.

Yours Sincerely,

Tom Cruise

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Brandon Simpson,

New York 52366


Prince Williams,

Mortgage Finance Company,

New York 52990

Dear Mr. Prince,

It is high time that I convey a message to you to avoid any further losses that might occur during the sale of my home.  There has been consistent decline in the value of my home and, on top of it, I have to repay the mortgage amount which seems to be very much burden in my life now a days.  Short sale will definitely give you an advantage to a situation which might get worse considering the current trend.  So, I would like you to take the necessary steps very swiftly so that we both can be benefited by averting any further losses.

Since I had good years of relationship with your company, I would hope that you consider this to your advantage.  I will definitely help you out in every possible dealing that will make sure the situation gets due credit.  Hope, I get your response in this matter very soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Brandon Simpson

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Kathy Brit,

New York 54246


Alwin Pereira,

Asian Development Bank,

North Carolina 50775

Dear Alwin,

This is to your notice that I, Kathy Brit, had taken a loan from your bank 2 years back for my business of salon expansion. Since then there has been economic worries all over our country and, therefore, my business has caught in that act and is suffering from losses. To minimize this kind of suffering, I would like your company to make some changes in interest rate and lower to an extent that I could easily maintain repayment terms.

As business trend in general seems to be getting worse, I would therefore require your company intervention towards interest rate appeal. It would be of great help to do business without the fear of getting out of gear considering the competition is stiff and profit margins are getting diminished. I positively look forward for your support, and your efforts towards my problem will be appraised and will be paid off well after economy goes up.

Yours Sincerely,

Kathy Brit

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Thomas Elvira,

203, Burlington Boulevard,

North Carolina 50825


Myelin Wart,

Easy Mortgage Co.,

New York 564206

Dear Ms. Myelin,

I am thankful to your company that it provided me the much needed mortgage for my needs.  There is an urgent need for which I have written this letter specifically to you.  I am looking for some immediate modification towards the repayment terms along with interest payment.  At this point of my life, there is no other way that I can really fulfill the repayment clause.  In the beginning itself, I hardly had anything else that will help me out in my financial worries except the mortgage which I took from your company.  Since there is no other way wherein I can handle better to repay your amount, I am totally dependent on my salary now and that too is going to be not enough to sustain my family expenses.

Since there will be increase in my salary and more incentive-based rewards are on the way in coming months, I would like your company do some modifications for my financial difficulties at this point of time.

Yours Sincerely,

Thomas Elvira

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Michael Chang,

Wisconsin 53024


David Snot,

Eco-Paints  Commercial Ltd.,

North Carolina 50885.

Dear Mr. David,

It has been a wonderful journey of my working life with your company since past many years now.  I am really enthusiast about my new role as a member of management team.  Though, at this point, I would like to bring to your notice that my financial difficulties are getting a bit worse and, therefore, I would like to take the necessary precautions before it can really affect my work.  Since I am just now getting inducted as a member in management team and would take a limited time to remedy my problem, I would appeal to the top management authority to help me out in this critical phase of my life.

Briefing you about my main intention to get noticed from your organization, I therefore believe that our company would try its best to get it solved by somehow.  Your efforts towards this direction will be appraised towards the well being of human kind.

Yours Truly,

Michael Chang

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William Smith,

North Carolina 20045


Calvin Dan,

Mortgage Bank of America

North Carolina 50235.

Hello Sir,

Very first, I would like to congrats you for your long period of consistent positive service to many of your clients.  At this moment, I, William Smith, would be in a need to get rid of my financial worries which are taking toll on my personal life too.  I, hereby, decided that I need a real solution to my financial burden to be eased out by taking a mortgage for a very short period of time.

Though I cannot guarantee myself in a very short period of time to fulfill my much awaited project execution, I decided that this is the right time to get in mortgage very soon to end the drought of happiness coming in my life, which will be there very soon after the successful completion and execution of the project.  I, therefore, would like your help and cooperation in every aspect of this kind.  I would certainly be appreciative of your efforts being taken very quick and prompt considering the state of my problem.

Yours Sincerely,

William Smith


Financial hardship letters are letters that explain to an institution or a bank a lenders failing financial situation. If it is properly written, it can help a lender keep his/her mortgaged property. An effective hardship letter is one that is short, personal, informative, clear, and humble. Below is an example of hardship letter to a bank.

August 22, 2009

Name: Christine Valeria

Address: 45 Canes Avenue, Dallas, TX

Loan no: 7575774-333

Dear Sir:

I am writing this letter as an explanation for my delinquency in paying for my loans. This is due to my recent loss of job last June 22, 2005.

I am hoping for your help in working out my loan so that I can cope up with what I owe to your bank with the shortest possible time. I am fully aware of my financial obligations with your bank and I am doing my best to find a source of income for my financial responsibilities.

Respectfully yours,

Christine Valeria

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