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Ms. Morgan,

Heightzz NGO


Mr. Stanley,

Bright NGO

Hello Mr. Stanley,

I, Ms. Morgan, from the Heightzz NGO, am writing this letter to let you know of the fact that the Reliant group is an excellent helping hand in all the NGO related work. One is aware of the fact that the work of an NGO is a very daunting task and there are multiple things needed to be done. The work from the volunteer groups is very much desired and they prove to be an excellent companion for the NGO.

The Reliant group has been an expert in the volunteer services for different tasks needed to be fulfilled by an NGO. They have an organised way to approach for the work which they undertake. The organised approach which they have is a mark of their professional attitude in the volunteer services providing field, which is a very rare phenomenon in the volunteer service providing. Hoping for an admiring work from your side,

Yours sincerely,

Ms Morgan.

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(Sender’s name)

(Sender’s address)


(Recipient’s name),

(Recipient’s address)

Dear sir/ madam,

This letter is made in response to the request made from your side regarding the performance of the HHG construction material firm. The HHG construction material firm has been an integral part of all our construction word for a period of almost 30 months. There has been hardly any problem regarding the quality of the construction material which the HHG construction firm provides. Also, the rates at which the construction material is provided are among the competent rates on the construction market.

Besides the quality of the construction material and the rates at which the construction material they provide, the approach from the side of the HHG construction material firm has been very work friendly. This letter is intended to make you able for making the right choice regarding the future in the construction market. The rest of the decision for which construction material firm to choose is vested in your hands.

Yours sincerely,

(Sender’s name and signature).

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Mr. Jones,


New Model School


The principal,

Sunrise School

Dear sir/madam,

I, Mr. Jones, am writing this letter to make you aware of the fact that Ms Stella has been an excellent teacher in our school for a period of 3 years. On account of some personal commitments, she has been forced to move out of Benkingsley and she is now moving to the city where your esteemed school exists. She has desired to take the teacher’s job at your school and she will prove to be one of the best teachers, if appointed.

Not only that knowledge of subject is very fluent with Ms. Stella but also she is very comfortable with the students and can instantly strike a chord with the students. The time she requires to make a rapport develop between her and her students is simply negligible. The letter was just to let you some insight regarding Ms Stella, while the decision should be done without any hesitation.

Yours truly,

Mr. Jones

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Whosoever it may concern

Dear sir /madam,

This letter is being drafted with the intent of making you aware of the fact that the character of the person under consideration is been studied for over a period of 2 years and one can be assured of offering any task with complete responsibility to the concerned person. The further details of the person and his/ her stay at the rehabilitation centre are enclosed along with the letter. The main point to be taken into consideration is that the person is not only physically fit but is also capable of handling mentally jeopardised situations and there should not be any discrimination made regarding the stay of the person at the rehabilitation centre.

For any other detail requirement, besides from those enclosed along with the letter, the enquiries will be entertained during the office hours and all such enquiries are welcomed. Hoping for a bright future for person discharged from rehabilitation centre,

Yours truly,

Mr. Jonathan,

Chief In-charge of the rehabilitation centre.

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Mrs Thompson,


New Model School


The final year students

Dear students,

This letter is written with the intent of providing the right kind of guidance to all the final year students. We hope that all the students who are going to appear for the exams of the final year will not only pass out the exam but will also secure great marks. After the final year, many shall opt for the further studies and this is the exact reason why this letter has been drafted. The business school of the Yate has the best academic arrangements and hence it is highly referred by me.

One gets the opportunity to choose their stream from a wide range of options and hence it will highly deserve for those desiring for a future in the business field. Choosing the right university and the right business school can prove to be a daunting task and hence I am drafting this letter to extend some final help.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Thompson

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Mr Blake,


Sales department,

YBZZ departmental store


The manager,

Sales department,

AllStar mall

Dear sir/ madam,

Considering that this letter will find you in the busiest of the time, I would not like to take much time and I will be directly to the matter of concern. I, Mr Blake, have had the opportunity to work with a person who has currently applied for a job as a junior manager under you. The person has been working under me for a period of almost 32 months and there has not been any area of dissatisfaction with his work in the entire period. The resume of his will have the other details which are worth considering.

The letter has been drafted on a very hesitant free basis and all the views are subject to my considerations. If you feel anything adverse regarding the conduct of the concerned person then feel free to act. The only intent of this letter was to assist you to get a worthy work companion.

Yours truly,

Mr Blake.

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To Whom It May Concern

Customer Reference – ­ Fairmont Litho Art Press.

I am writing this letter of reference favouring Fairmont Litho Art Press who has been one of our very valued customers for the past 10 years. They are accredited in the line of their activities and it is my pleasure in recommending them as a company to do business with.

Besides doing business with this company for many years, I have known the president and founder of Fairmont Litho Art Press, Glenn Ralston, for more than 25 years. We were classmates and teammates at Trent University in the late 1970s. Acquainting with him for such a long time, I am quite comfortable and confident in vouching for him as a great individual as well as a concerned and active citizen in this community.

As far as a company to do business with, Fairmont Litho Art Press is one of the best we have ever dealt with.

We wish them a good luck for a bright future.

Signed under seal of  BlueMont Enterprises


Dear Mr. Ricks,

There was a request that was made for us for trade credit facilities for a certain amount per month. We have made a nomination for your company as a trading reference. It will be greatly appreciated by the company if you could provide us with certain information such as the length of time that you have been trading with the company who has made the request from us and the value of trade and services that you are conducting with them on a yearly basis.

Furthermore, we would like to know if you are trading on credit terms or if you have ever conducted trading on such terms. Are these payments made on time? Do you consider your trading company to be qualified for the credit facilities?

We would appreciate it very much if you could provide us with the information that we ask in order to facilitate further transactions. Please contact us for any clarifications regarding this matter.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Nick Gordon

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Dear Sally,

You will be entering college next school year and I know you are thinking hare on which educational institution to go to. Considering the large number of choices that you have, it can be a daunting task.

If I may, I want you to refer to a college which my sister went to I her college years. It is one of the more reputable schools in the city and, judging by the way my sister conducts herself, it is pretty good. The fees are pretty much on the low side too so your college education will not have to be too expensive.

There is a number that you can call on the college website to know more of the enrollment process, if you choose to heed my advice. If you already have a college in mind, please disregard this letter.

Thank you. Have wonderful college days.

Sincerely yours,


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Dear Al,

I know you were looking for an employment which will fit your unique qualifications. I happen to know of a vacancy in a reputable company. As I know your employment qualifications very well, I was able to assess your qualifications for it.

I took the freedom of doing this reference because I have confidence in both you and the company offering the employment. There are others which I have considered for it but you have been the most qualified. My reference may not be one of your priorities and I will perfectly understand if you disregard it. However, if it interests you, please call me anytime for details.

Enclosed is the business card of the person to contact with the company. Please give it a try, as I am sure it will profit you in the long run.

Thank you and good luck on your job hunting.



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