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Dear Mr. Strickland,

I have been told of your intention to adopt a child. I know that the adoption process can be long and hard which is why you have the child that will perfectly fit your preferences as soon as possible.

In this regard, please allow me to make a reference for an adoption. I have known of this child from my work with the social services. She has been taken from an abusive parent who was judged to be incapable of taking care of children which is the reason she has been put up for adoption.

I know of your love for children which is why I do not hesitate to make this reference for her to be taken under your care and guidance. She will learn much from you and I am sure she will be molded into a good citizen.

Thank you.


Martha Moore

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Dear Mr. Clint

I am sure that this letter will find you busy sorting out applicants to your company. As you are one of the best organizations around, I am sure that the line of applicants to your firm is long.

I know of someone who has made an application to your good office sometime ago. I have had the opportunity to work with him before and I can vouch for his character. He has shown so much diligence in his work and has been one of the top employees of his former department. His resume will have all the details for you.

I have made this reference for his character with no hesitation at all. But should you find that my assessment of him was wrong, please disregard this letter and take no offense. My only intention was to help you.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Sarah Waters

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Dear Mrs. Doubtfire,

This coming school year, there will be plenty who will enroll at your school. I know you have set the standards for a student to be qualified to enter your educational institution but there is one person that I would like to refer to you personally.

He was a student of mine in high school and he has achieved what all of his classmates has been unable to, in terms of grades and educational attainment. I am sure that he will be a good addition to your school. I have also observed him to be a young man who deals fairly in everything, winning him the trust and confidence of his peers.

I have already told him to inquire on your good school. Should you find him insufficient in anyway, please feel free to do as you please.

Thank you very much and more power.

Sincerely yours,

Stanley Hume

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Dear Mike,

You are going to enter college next year and based on your qualifications, you are perfectly eligible for a scholarship. However, there are so many scholarships that are offered in many colleges and you may be confused as to the kind of scholarship that you will avail.

I happen to know of some of these scholarship grants and I am referring one which I know will be very convenient for you. It is offered by a university in the city and given to students who are of good intelligence but lack the financial capacity to continue studying through college.

Should this interest you, please call the university to set an interview. You can find its number on its website. However, this is not the only scholarship that you may qualify so ask around for other opportunities that you can avail of.

Thank you very much and good luck in your studies.


Bryan Waite

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Dear Mr. Curtis,

I have a friend who is looking for a work that will fit his qualifications. He is in dire need of a job and is very well qualified in education and training. I did not hesitate in any way to make a reference for him.

To give you some background, he has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in one of the top universities in our city. He has a post graduate study on the subject but has not finished it yet for financial reasons. Recently, he just moved out of his parent’s house and has to fend for himself. This is what caused him to stop his studies temporarily and find a job.

I will not be making a reference for him if I know him to be of bad character. However, if he will not have a position on your company, please let me know.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Eric Jamey

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Dear Mr. Tracy,

My friend is about to enter college and as you will know, this will entail finding a suitable place for board and lodging. I have made a reference for her to go to your boarding house as I know the quality of your accommodations and the excellent way you treat your boarders.

She is of good character and will surely cause no problem during her stay with you. She has been an honor student in her high school and only has the praise and good words of her teachers and classmates. Should you accept her, you will gain an additional asset to your house.

I have taken the freedom to give her your address and phone number. She may contact you anytime now. Please welcome her as you did to me during my stay with you. I hope it does not burden you in any way.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Tania Graham

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Dear Mr. Rice,

I was informed by my associate that you were looking for a new employee to feel the vacant spot left by another employee who has retired. I know someone who will fit the position perfectly and I am referring him to you.

I have known this person for many years and have worked with him several times on several projects. He is a man of good character and education. He has a master’s degree in business administration and has vast experience in the field. If you can set an interview with him, you will know the truthfulness of what I am telling you. I also understand that he has already submitted an application to your good office. If you can set an interview with him, you will know the truthfulness of what I am telling you.

I hope this letter will guide you in his selection for the job. Thank you and God bless.


Jack Keating

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Dear Allison,

I know you will be going to college in the city and naturally, you will need an accommodation for board and lodging. The city is a big place and it is your first time to be there so I am writing you this letter.

I am gladly referring you to my former landlord which has accommodated me during my stay in the city. She is a kind man with a good humor and a penchant for people. I am sure that you will like it there very much.

Enclosed is the business card of my former landlord. You can go there anytime during office hours. Should it be an inappropriate time, you can call him through the number provided. He will accept your call anytime.

This letter is just a reference. If you have had an arrangement with someone else, please disregard this.

Thank you.


May Queen

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Dear Grant,

Your former employer told me that you were out of work and is at present looking for a new one. I happen to know some job vacancies in town and there is one which I would like to refer to you since the qualifications needed perfectly match yours.

I will not make this reference if I am not sure that you will do well in it. But since I know you very well I already know what your capabilities are as well as the work preference that you have, hence, this letter. I do not mean to impose anything on you, as that would be rude and appropriate. Please feel free to do as you please.

Should there be anything that I can do to help you concerning the work I am referring to you, please give me a call anytime. I would gladly accept any inquiries from you. Good luck!



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Dear Mr. Bean,

It has come to my attention that you were going into another business and that you are looking for new associates and suppliers for your next venture. I have been in the business for years and I know every major supplier around that you may utilize for your new business.

Of all the possible business that you can establish, it is in the retail business that you should go to since you will not be lacking in supplies due to the large number of excellent suppliers in the area that you can do business with. This will save you a lot of expenses over time since they are just in the vicinity and can supply you at low cost.

However, I am not forcing anything on you. Should you find my recommendation inappropriate for your needs, please ignore this letter.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Rick Mann

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