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Ms. Catherine Louis

Executive Directors

Princely Productions

Hamilton Lane


26th July, 2006

Dear Ms. Catherine,

Are you having trouble providing the latest and stylish apparels to your customers having extra large size? We at Revolutions design excellent apparels for children, young as well as aged people. We specialize in designing apparels of all sizes ranging from XL to 10XL. We realize that providing latest and stylish apparels in extra large sizes is a great challenge and thus we offer trendy clothing in all odd sizes. We assure you that your customers will be thrilled and excited with our collection and majority of them will find their sizes at only your outlet.

If you wish to know more about Revolutions you can have a look at our site . You are always welcome to call us on our number -+00-987-87464839 and we would be more than happy to help you out with all your queries.

Yours truly

Marie Joseph

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Mr. Samuel John

Managing Director

Health is Wealth Store

23, Kinston Lane


30th April, 2007

Dear Mr. Samuel,

The Stay Healthy Limited is a gym equipment company based in Melbourne. We at Stay Healthy specializes in manufacturing wide array of gym equipments like treadmill, cross trainer, cycle, twister and many others. The products designed by us undergo rigorous testing by the scientists at the Health Institute in Melbourne so that they are safe as well as effective.

In order to get a better hold of International market we are offering a lucrative discount on wide range of our products. We assure you to offer the best rates in the market for the best products. Moreover with an order of more than $1000 we are also providing free transport and installation.

To gather more information about our products you can visit our website and for any other queries you can please contact us on our number- +00-9998-764382928.

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Mr. John Wright

VP, Sales

Tasty International

27, Hanging Street


15th June, 2008

Dear Mr. John,

The Delicious Delicacy is a bakery company in London with large number of outlets located in other nearby cities and towns like Liverpool, Sussex, Kent, Cambridge and Coventry. All our bakery outlets are very popular not only amongst the young but people of all ages and groups. The ambience of our outlets are very pleasing and welcoming which along with mouth watering bakery items make the overall experience unforgettable.

We wish to expand out business network in other parts of the globe as well like in Australia and Asia. Since we will need more capital to expand our business thus we are planning to sell some of our popular outlets to all those investors who are interested. If you are interested in this offer we would welcome you to become a shareholder in Delicious Delicacy which will surely give you an opportunity to be a part of the company with great potential for growth.

To gather more information on our contract details and outlets which are available for sale you can visit the website Looking forward to hear from you.

Yours truly

Michael Douglas


Delicious Delicacy.

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Kushal Shah

Associate Production Manager,

Shah and Shah Corps,

31B, Wally Street,

Princeton- 12245,


Respected Sir,

We at XYZ Solutions Ltd offer web based business development as well as marketing services. Why would you go to different service providers for building your website, when you can get the whole package under one name?

We comprise of a team of highly skilled and high-spirited individuals, who have a penchant for the work we do, and have worked for many eminent client all around the globe. Kindly visit our website for a complete track record of our previous assignments.

As we are a start up, we are trying to spread out customer base as much as we can, and in an endeavor to do so we would like to offer you, a special discount of 30 % on our current market rates, for any service that you may require of us.

We hope you will render us a positive reply, so that we can ensure on relation from we can mutually benefit.

With regards,

Aryan Singh,

Creative Head

XYZ Solutions Ltd

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March 16, 2010

Name, General Manager,


123 street,

Anytown WA

Dear Name,

Are you tired of searching for a miracle that would veer the face of your company? Shed your fatigue. With us, you can watch the miracle happen. Your company is your brand and we help you establish your brand in the market. We not only build a brand, we create it as well. Right target audience, right timing, competitive pricing, humongous savings.

We are a team of expert marketing specialists with over a decade experience in brand management at all levels. We do it online and offline for you. Our services have an edge over the competitors and are cost-effective at the same time. If you dream to make it big for your brand, we give your dream that extra zing. To know more about our services visit

Yours sincerely

Aryan Singh


Marketing head

Xyz Association Pvt. Ltd.

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Name of the Client


Company’s address,


Subject: [Describe your purpose in less than 10 words]

Dear\ Respected Sir\Ma’am,

[This is the most crucial paragraph. As here, you will inform why the company that you are approaching needs your company’s service. Keep it short and crisp. This paragraph will have to attract the client’s attention, so that he proceeds further. Refrain from exaggeration; do not try to make the client believe that his company is in a crisis]

[In this paragraph, you should precisely put forward, the ways in which your company can solve the afore-mentioned problem that you had brought under the client’s purview. Do not be spendthrift with words here. Do not make tall claims and approach the client with humility, remember they can always make out the authenticity of your promises by the way you speak.]

[Give your contact details. Sign off the letter on a positive note, and stress upon your USP once more before ending the letter.]

Thanking you,

Your name,



Name of your company


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Dear customer,

We are proud to inform you that next month we will be launching our new product Kitchen Bullet, which will be a one stop solution to all your vegetable slicing, mincing, and dicing problem.

With our new product, you will be able to do all the work in matter of minutes, which previously took you an entire day. With Kitchen Bullet in your kitchen, the experience of cooking food will never be the same again.

As you are one of our most valued customers, we would like to give you a live demo of our new product, after which if you like, it will be delivered to you at 45 % discount immediately. Please confirm the date and time of the demo by calling on this number: 99999999

We hope we will again stand up to your expectations as we have so far.

Thanking you,

Faithfully yours,

Aryan Singh

Product Manager

XYZ Pvt. Ltd

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