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Kevin Pollard,

2564, Deer Park,



June 02, 2011

Michael Jacky,

2566, Deer Park,



Dear Michael,

I would like to thank you for attending my birthday party and thank you also for the gift. I liked the gift a lot and it is too nice to remember for the long time. I know that you have found it keeping in mind my nature and likeness.

I know that I invited you too late for the birthday party but yet you managed to attend my birthday party. I really thank you for this. From next time onwards I will invite you first of all so that you do not find any trouble in managing your time. I hope that you have enjoyed the party and if there was anything lacking please give a note of it to me so that I can fulfill that too as well.

Once again thank you my dear friend for making a memorable presence in my birthday party.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely

Kevin Pollard

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Mike Hanson,

5555, Apple Valley,

California- 92308,


June 02, 2010

Bobby Richardson,

5544, Apple Valley,



Dear Bobby,

Thank you so much for your greeting on the occasion of Christmas. Greeting is so nice and I am really impressed by this. It is really unique and awesome as compare to other greetings that I have received.

Especially, the design and color of the greeting is so wonderful. The words concocted on the card are so beautiful and also very meaningful. I am going to forget the words on the card. I know that you have picked this one after researching a lot.

Thank and thank so much dear for this. I know that I am not going to have friend like event out of millions. Keep greeting on all the occasions and Merry Christmas to you too.

Please find the attached greeting of mine. I hope that you will also like this.


Your beloved friend,


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Jesse Cook,

Jesse Finance Inc.

New York- 11715


June 02, 2011

Dear Mr. Cook,

We would like to thank for your decision to acquire services from our company. We are well aware that you have made such decision after the long consideration on different alternatives. We thank you that you have found the required potential in us.

We assure that you would have been one of our valuable clients who will get the best serving from our staff. We also hope that you would satisfy the performance of our company that will be shown regarding your portfolio.

Thank you once again for showing your interest in the most reliable and committed firm. We assure you that we will make our every best possible effort to provide your best possible services.

Thank YOU,

Yours Truly,

Alfred J. K. Marshall,

Chairman and MD

Marshall IT Solutions Inc.

New York- 11758


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John Joseph,

5462, Benson,

Cochise County,



June 02, 2011

Dear Mr. Joseph,

We thank you for showing your interest in our products that you have bought last Saturday. We hope that you have liked our products and it has been proved right thing to satisfy your needs to the greatest.

In the era where large number of substitutes available we know that it has hard for every consumer to pick the right product. But when you have decided to choose our product, we would like to assure that the quality and satisfaction that you will derive from the product you might get from any other one.

Thank you once again for making a move towards the establishment of a long lasting relation and we would also like serve customer like you by producing more satisfying products.

Thanking YOU,

Yours Truly,

Michael Richard,

Sales Executive,

ABC Products Inc.



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George Mathew,

BWD Finance Inc.


New York- 11701


June 02, 2011

Dear Mr. George,

We thank your company for the sponsorship provided to our team in the national baseball league. We are happy with the way your company has sponsored our team and enabled it to provide all possible facilities. The team members are also very happy the kind of sponsor that they have got at this time.

Sponsorship does not end with the end of the tournament but it should be a long lasting relationship with the team. As such we are hoping that you would look forward to sponsor our team in near future as well.

We thank your company once again for the sponsorship provided to our team for this term of league and hope that your company’s sports spirit will alive for long lasting in promoting different other games as well.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

Christina Hadley,

Club Secretary,

New York Baseball Club

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William Hadley,

Business Conference Presenter, (Presenter Title)

ITBB TV, (Organization)

2569, Albertson,

Nassau County,

New York- 11507

USA (Address)

Dear William,

Annual business conference is over and will be remembered for the long time due to the way it has been conducted and presented in the front of business tycoons. We thank you for making use of your potential for presenting every part of the conference.

Everyone attended the conference is satisfied with the outcome of the conference and this could only be become possible because of the presenter of the conference who has put his best to present the topic in the best possible manner.

We thank you once again for your active participation in the conference and making the conference one of the memorable events in the business world.

We hope that you will continue to put your best in making many more conferences successful like this.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Michael Johnson

MD, National Business News,

Organizer of National Business                                                                               Conference

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Chris Martin,

Managing Director,

State Football League,



June 02, 2011

Managing Directory,

MNC Sports Kit Inc.

Alaska- 99695


We thank your company for the sponsorship provided to our state football league. I think your company made every effort to sponsor our league and made a memorable event in the state. We know that sponsoring an event is not an easy task to do but you did on your side very well.

Every team franchise is happy with the way the tournament has been conducted and they appreciated the sponsorship of the game. We also expect that your company has got good exposure through such tournament and will be able to establish good relationship with the audience by sponsoring such event.

We once again thank you for your valuable sponsorship for the tournament and hope that you keep sponsoring such event in near future as well and making the event remarkable.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

Chris Martin

(MD, State Football League)

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Tom Vaughan,

2589, Alexander City,

Alabama- 35010

Tallapoosa County,


Richard Speed,

2590, Alexander City,

Tallapoosa County,



Dear Richard,

I would like to pay you personal thank for helping me in obtaining loan from the bank. It has been proving very difficult for me to obtain such amount of loan from the bank. You have helped me in making right application for the loan. Your valuable guidelines helped me a lot to move in the right direction for such loan.

I think it is your knowledge and skill which helped to obtain such loan from the bank. I have been looking for such borrowing for long time for doing some important thing but could not be able to do the same due lack of proper idea that you had provided me in obtaining such loan.

Thank you once again Richard. I hope that you keep helping me in near future as well. If get chance to favor you then I would make every possible effort to do that.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

Tom Vaughan

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Brad Williamson,

1002, Albertville,



June 02, 2011

Charles Richardson,

1003, Albertville,



Dear Charles,

Thank you so much Charles for your Christmas gift Black Jacket which I have been looking for long time but could not find yet. I think you were aware of my like that is why you made such a good effort for finding me my favorite Black Jack. Charles, “Can you please refer the shop where from you have bought the jacket?” One of my friends is also looking for such jacket I thought that I too make his Christmas special by gifting such jacket to him as well.

Charles the jacket is so awesome sheer as per my wish which I never and ever going to forget. I would like to keep it with me and wear it as long as I can. Charles you are my true friend dear who has fulfilled my long lasting ambition by gifting that Jacket.

Thank you once again Charles for the gift. You have made this Christmas really special dear.

Thanks Dude,

Yours Heartedly,

Brad Williamson

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Britney Fears,

12365, Red Street,



June 02, 2011

Kane Grieg,

10236, Blue Street,



Dear Kane,

We thank you Kane that you had attended our wedding. We would like to thank for your lovely and precious gift that you gave us on our wedding and we make every possible effort to take care of it so that it cannot get spoiled for long time and keep reminding you.

We thank you once again that you managed your precious time to attend our wedding and also for picking such nice gift for us which going to exist in mind for long lasting. That is why the gift is standing different and unique among other gifts. We wish that everyone should have friend like you.

Thank you so much and hope that you would like to be a part of our every good time in near future as well.

Thank you,

Yours Truly,

Britney Fears

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