Ms Swift,

D-2, Galaxy Towers Apartments,

Bridgeton Drive,



Mr Flint,

Sunrise House,


Dear Mr Flint,

This letter has been written to propose a charity donation for your school. During the workshop organised by your house, I was witness to the boundless talent which these so called mentally ill people have in them. I was realised that these people went through a lot of hardship only for the purpose of their existence. We people are blessed with sound health and it is our responsibility to take care of these people from whom the care from the Almighty has been elusive.

I wish to make an attempt to make the living of these people better and help them live their life on a dignified platform. The details of the charity which I, along with my friends have contributed in have been enclosed along with this letter. I will be expecting a reply from your side to convey us the mode of delivering this modest help from us.

Yours faithfully,

Ms Swift

Download Charity Letter for Mentally ill Patients


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