Dated: ____________

Collection Agency Name: _____________________

Address: Street address: _______________ City _______________ State _________________ Zip code _______________

Telephone number: ______________

Fax Number: _________

E mail id: _____________

Website: _____________


Name: ________________

Address: Street address: _______________ City _______________ State _________________ Zip code _______________

Type of collection: _____________

Dear _________________________,

This letter is to inform you that the payment towards your __________________ is outstanding. You have been default in paying three consecutive installments.

You had taken a ______________ loan from us on ____________ for a total amount of _____________. We have not been receiving payment from your end since _________________. You current outstanding amount is ______________.

We would request you to make payment of the outstanding amount as soon as possible. In case of failure of making a payment we may have to take a legal action against you.

Thanking you,

Name of the sender: _______________

Designation in the organization: ______________

Organization name: _________.


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