Ms. Elizabeth Garner

Moore Rd.

Cocoa, FL 32926

October 1, 2010

Prof. Neil Scott

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Florida University

FL 32905

Dear Mr. Scott,

Good day, Sir!

I am an incoming student for graduate studies at your university and I would like to inquire about the course that I will be enrolling in. My teachers recommended me to take the said course, Master of Science in Biology, but I would like to clarify some details about the course, as follows:

  1. Will the course be a possible stepping stone to a career in medicine?
  2. Will the course include practicum and hands-on training?
  3. Is it possible to shift later on to your online degree?

I am hoping that your answers to my queries would help me get a clear foresight on the career that awaits me after graduation. Your university is known for creating exceptional graduates in the field of medicine and I am also hoping to pursue a career in this field.

Thank you for your time.


Elizabeth Garner

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