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The body of the letter is must contain information about the applicant. It should include the strengths and why should you get an interview and how you will follow up.

First Paragraph

This is the part of the letter that should include information on why the applicant is writing. It should mention the position that they are applying for and where they found the job listings. If you have a mutual contact in the company, better include it as well.

Middle Paragraph

This is the part of the letter that should describe what the applicant has to offer to the employer. It should mention specifically about your qualifications that would match the job you are applying. Always remember that you are interpreting your resume and you must not repeat it.

Final Paragraph

It is a part of the letter that concludes and gives thanks to the employer for considering you for the position. It should also include information about the follow-up.

Complimentary Closing

Respectfully yours,


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