Lawrence Berry

Cancer Awareness Committee

5262 River Valley

New York City,

NY 53774

Date: 29-April-2010

Mr. Arnold Brown

G.E Enterprises,

University Dome,

65 Downing Street,

New York City,

NY 57765

Dear Mr. Brown

I am writing this letter in hope that you will extend your kind donation to our program “Help the Cancer Patients". The Cancer Awareness committee is a non-profitable charitable organization. We extend our help towards all those patients who are suffering from this deadly disease.

We all know that Cancer is a deadly disease, which is increasing every hour, and many patients are facing many mental as well as physical problems. Therefore, our organization, tries to bring awareness as well as help the patients suffering from this disease.

Hence, we ask you to kindly extend your donation towards our program to help the cancer patients. You can contact us on our website for additional information.

We would sincerely appreciate your generous help towards this noble cause.

Thanking you,

Lawrence Berry.


The Cancer Awareness Committee.



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