Peterson Roy


Glorious Company

16th Victoria Circle

Amsterdam, London


27th January 2012

Subject: Thanking you for your unending hard work towards the completion of “Project Finland”.

Dear Peterson,

I am sending you this letter as a short note to thank you for your hard work and efforts you had put in to complete “Project Finland”.

Peterson, your work has been greatly appreciated by the senior staff members. I greatly and humbly appreciate the extra time that you devoted for this venture and made it a success. I am really thankful to you for your dedication and I truly believe that it would have been impossible without your involvement. As we wanted our project to be self descriptive and neat in its approach, you have filled our organisation with new dreams.

Please accept my personal gratitude for the same. The entire team at Glorious Company wishes to honour you by arranging a get together on 1st of February in the main ground. Kindly be there to enjoy your success.

Thanks a lot.


Jacob Marley

Manager, Gracious Company


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