Mr. Mark Jordan

150th St

Cleveland, OH 44135

November 8, 2010

Ms. Alice Harper


Happy Smiles, Inc.

Cleveland, OH 44135

Dear Ms. Harper,

Good day!

As my employer, I wish to formally bid goodbye to the company by writing this letter to you.  I have been an employee of your company for fifteen years and it is quite sad to be leaving your company for personal reasons.

Working for your company has taught me a lot about the intricacies of a career in sales.  I was given various opportunities for career growth and I have also had the privilege of attending trainings to improve my skills and knowledge in the area of sales.  The company truly takes care of its employees and I am honored to have been part of the company.

I sincerely hope that the company continues to reap more success this year and the years to come.  Your excellent service deserves such glory.


Mark Jordan

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