Mark Thomas,

RealCO Group of Companies

December 18, 1967

Mr. Daniel Walker,


Suite & Co.,

Minneapolis, USA

Dear Mr. Walker,

I am Mark Thomas and I am a friend and a business associate of Mrs. Rose Lee. She had given me your reference when I approached her with my request for a favor.

I had been to her office on a business purpose and I saw the interiors that you designed for her. I was quite impressed by the artistic work you did for her cabin. I must honestly admit that it looked quite impressive and different from the regular cabins we see these days. The reason I write to you is that my daughter is interested in interior designing and wants to join a good institute. If you can recommend one and send me its details, I would be very grateful to you. You can contact me anytime on 2888 56565.

Thanks for considering my request.


Mark Thomas,




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