Harry Ben

Manager of Operations

Barclays Bank Limited

45 Yankee Doodle Road

Sin City, Las Vegas 8945

Dated: 6th of April 2012

Subject: Thank you for my interview

Respected Mr. Ben,

This is in regards to the interview that I heard appeared for in your organization for the position of an assistant manager on 5th of April 2012. I would like to thank you for conducting my interview.

It was a very enriching experience in the manner in which you presented my job functions. As a result I have more clarity about the job functions and feel that I have the required skills sets needed for the job role. I am feeling enthusiastic in joining the organization. I am feeling more motivated and confident right now.

I appreciate the fact that you took out time to interview me and hope that I get selected for the position.

Thanking you,

Mike Myers.


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