Date: 24 April 2009

John Smith

Principal II

William Enloe High School

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington DC 20502

(914) 555-2909

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am would like to express my interest to apply for a teaching position for Mathematics in High School. I have completed my degree of Bachelor of Science on Applied Mathematics from the University of Key West. I have three years of experience in teaching Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus for high school in HILD School.

Currently I am working with HILD School. I love teaching and I love being in the company of teenagers. I find it a delight to share with them the practical mathematics and its significant uses in our everyday lives. Once hired, I can also be a reliever for the Music Teacher during my free hours. I took a two-year degree in Music. More details about my skills and capabilities are available on my attached resume for your perusal.

I will call you within this week to follow-up and possibly discuss my qualifications. If you need further information and documents, you may contact me at (692) 810 3810 or email me at [email protected]. Thank you for reading my resume and consideration.



Jack Thomas

Enclosure Resume.

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