Mr. Elliot Jones

GM Customer Service Department

A-9, First floor

Exeter, Devon

15 February 2012

Subject: Letter Asking For Promotion

Dear Mr. Jones

Firstly I would like to thank you for your immense support due to which I have been learning a lot in my profile since last 5 years. I have been working in your organization Life care Global Services for last 5 years in the customer service department. The work culture in our company is excellent and it has been a great experience all through. But as you will agree in this today’s competitive work we need to grow in our professional life which includes an overall growth in terms of experience, skills, salary and designation etc.

I have become assistant team manager in these 5 years, but I feel that I have acquired required skills to handle bigger responsibilities. Thus I request you to promote me to the next level after evaluating my skills and abilities.

Thanking you

Stanley Richard


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