Mr. Alvin Crookshank

Crescent Centre Drive
Franklin, Tennessee 37067

December 12, 2010

Ms. Marie Sawyer

Bridge Street
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504

Dearest Marie,

Words could not express how overjoyed I was at receiving and reading your last letter.  Your letters always make me smile and brightens up my day.  I am doing well at home and at work.  We are all busy preparing for Christmas eve and the holiday season is in the air!

I will be spending Christmas with my family in California.  It is family tradition to be at our grandparents’ house on Christmas eve.  Everyone shares food and stories.  This Christmas though, I feel a tinge of sorrow because I could not spend it with you.  Since we have been writing each other, I have fallen in love with you and I want to be with you on special occasions like Christmas.  I truly want to share with you the happiness and love of the season, and I especially want to hug you to keep you warm.  I hope we could finally meet soon.



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