3521 Little Rock

Indianapolis, Indiana


Dear Maria,

Hi. I’d just like you to know how much I meant those words I said to you before. For me, saying those words “I love you" is something that I usually do but it took me a lot of guts just to be able to tell those words for you.

You’ve changed my life. From a life of loneliness to a life that makes my every morning filled with joy. From a life with boredom to a life with excitement every time we see each other. For me, you’re like a breath of fresh air, refreshing my every day with love anew.

It’s such a wonder how you always make the hair in the back of my head stand up every time I see you. Seeing that we’re together, happy and satisfied with each other is something that I’d like to see in the future.

I’d like to say to you that I will never change. No matter how many fights, struggles, and trials we will face, just remember that I won’t ever change. I may not say “I love you" a lot but that won’t speak less of what I feel, for you know that loving you is all I want to do.

Loving always,


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