Frank Bridgton,

Decorative Items Pvt. Ltd., 20th Fountain Avenue,

New York 587650


Lucky Bridge,

Decorative Items Pvt. Ltd., 20th Fountain Avenue,

New York 587650

Dear Mr. Lucky,

It is to inform you that it is our great time having our targets met without any delay and surpassing in most of the categories.  Our salesman has done really great job in achieving these targets, especially Mr. Van Hancock and his team.  He is totally and completely dedicated to this kind of possibility in our last 2 years.  There have been many instances where we down-sized certain targets considering that the economy and the competition will not let us achieve, but with our constant efforts and total dedication all of our salesman have made it possible without any correction.

We would like to give a kind of appreciation by way of special incentives to our sales team.  There will be above target achievement incentive for Mr. Van and his team.  I would like your opinion in this matter as soon as possible, and please make some recommendations for any other markets we can operate on.

Yours Sincerely,

Frank Bridgton


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