Name (Write the name of the person to whom the order is being placed)

Designation (Mention his designation)

Company (Mention the name of the company to which he/ she belongs)

Address (Write down the complete address of the company)

City/ State (Write down the name of the city and state)

Date (Write down the date on which this letter is being sent)

Dear Sir/Ma’am (You may even write Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. Last Name)

Subject: Write down as to what you want to order. Mention it in not more than one sentence.

First Paragraph: Write down as to where you got their contact details. Also tell them as to why you choose them for this task.

Second Paragraph: Give the details about your requirement and place the order.

Third Paragraph: Provide them the complete address of the place where the order is to be delivered and request them to send it on time.

Thanking you,

Name (Write your name)


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