Andrew Bush,

California 76990


George Woods,

California 75580

Dear Madam,

I, Andrew Bush, would like to give a professional reference for your workforce requirement. The name of the person is Shane Lee, who is residing in California County Colony. He is really a dedicated and down-to-earth person while completing any task or targets. I know him since my second work place and, at that moment, he should the signs of intelligence during delivering his entire duty. I would not mind if you provide him with a post having target driven package. This is because he has been trained in that work culture that he enjoys most now a days.

Keeping in view of your requirements every now and then, I surely will help you out in a professional manner if there is any other requirement coming up for these type of work.

At last, I would be glad to receive your response while having a meeting with the above-said person.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Bush

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