Mr. Francis Pert

Head HR Department

Stocks field software Ltd

H-5, Sixth floor

Stocks field, Northumberland

5 July 2011

Subject: Resignation Retirement Letter

Dear Mr. Pert

I am retiring from my job on July 30th 2011 and this is my resignation letter for retirement. It was a great journey working with Stocks field software Ltd. I gained my highest skills and experiences in this company itself. All through my journey with this organization the management has been very kind and supportive.

Now I look forward to enjoy my retirement. In case I can assist my team and organization in any ways prior to my retirement and even after that, I would be more than happy to do so. Please feel free to contact me in case any other paper work is required from my end.

I look forward for a long lasting relationship with this esteemed organization.

Thanking you

Lewis Fuller

Marketing Head


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