Ms Stella,

Third year student,



Mr Crotch,

Head of department,


Dear sir,

I, Ms Stella, the third year student of the EXTC branch, am writing this letter to request for a leave of 2 weeks. The reason for the request to be made for the leave is that my elder sister is getting married in Bahamas. She is the only sister I have and I am also devoid of the privilege of having a brother. The marriage is an important event in one’s life and there is a desperate desire of mine to attend the marriage of my elder sister.

I am aware of the fact that emotions do not play any role in defining the career of any person. I assure you that I will recover all the losses in studies incurred due to the absence because of the marriage. The exams are fairly away this time and I shall be on track as soon as possible. I hope for a favourable response.

Yours truly,

Ms Stella

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