Edward Martinez,

5698, Apple Valley,



June 03, 2011

Ronald and Company,



Dear Sir,

Sub- Termination of Vendor Service Contract

Ref- Contract No.8741/Dated Jan 10, 2011

With this letter I would like to inform you that I am terminating the contract that we have for the vendor services in your mall. During the last one year I have not been able to make good sell through your mall and it has been proving very costly to me to act as vendor in your mall.

So, I have decided to terminate the contract from June 30, 2011 onwards. I hope that you understand my need and will suggest right solution to it. If there is any due from my side I am ready to clear the same when you want.

I hope that you will make early reply to this letter from your side.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Edward Martinez

Download Vendor Service Termination Letter


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