George Austin

Assistant Manager

Operations Department

XYZ Enterprises

29 James Road
Cane Island, Florida
Dear Mr. Brown,
Subject: Warning for disobeying the code of conduct
I am writing this letter to warn you for the obnoxious behaviour displayed by you yesterday. We understand that at times there is a clash of ideas. However, issues such as these can be sorted out in a professional manner. The way you reacted to the point put across by Mrs. Clark in the meeting yesterday was just not expectable; you almost ended up shouting at her.

You must understand that you are handling a responsible position. There are around 10 people who report to you and look up to you for guidance. You act as a mentor to them and this is the reason why it becomes even more important for you to maintain the decorum.

I would like to inform you that this time, we are just issuing you a warning letter. However, the management shall not tolerate such indiscipline in future.


James Watson

Head HR


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