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Congratulation letters are warm and thoughtful gestures.  They are used in both personal as well as professional situations.  You can write to convey your congratulations to your family, friends, or business associates on their success or achievements.  It is a way of celebrating their success and partaking in their happiness.

Congratulation letters must be written within a time-frame of the happy occurrence to convey your sincerity.  If you delay writing these letters, then the whole purpose is lost.

While extending congratulations, make sure to acknowledge and praise the particular accomplishment.  Maintain a positive and warm tone without sounding pompous and condescending.  Refrain from giving any advice or guidance at this juncture.

Keep the letters simple and short.  Two to three paragraphs should suffice, to convey your message.  Conclude the letter by reiterating congratulations and sign off with best wishes.

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Contract Adjustment Letter



Neville Lee

Marketing Head

Fashion garments Limited

21 Roger Moore Street

Sin City, Las Vegas 8456

Dated: 23rd of March 2012

Subject: Adjustment in the contract

Respected Mr. Lee,

This is in regards to the contract that we have entered with your organization on 20th of March 2012 for a period of two years. We intend to make few adjustments in the contract.

As per the contract we are supposed to supply raw materials for the manufacture of garments in your organization. We would be paid an amount of $5000 for each consignment delivery made by us and the amount will be made after the delivery is done. We would like to change the payment mode for the delivery made.   It would be really great if fifty percent of payment for each delivery is made in advance.

We would be highly grateful if you agree to the adjustment in the contract.


Sidney Porter

Sales Department Head

Raw Materials Limited.



Mr. Tom Moddy

Head HR department

Jack and Jones Manufacturers.

6th Square Lane

High Rise Towers

New York

23rd March 2011

Subject: Congratulations for the 21st Anniversary of your business.

Respected Sir,

I on behalf of Fortune Industries extend our sincerest congratulations on the 21st anniversary of your business. We were pleased to hear about this announcement.

Congratulations! You have successfully reached an important milestone with finesse. Your technologies incorporated in your latest video players are receiving great appreciation all over the streets of New York. It was a great help and a genuine pleasure to stay connected with you in this business. You have helped our industry by providing high graded players, music albums and software’s.

We really appreciate the opportunity to indulge in business with you for years and years. We wish for many such years of similar ventures ahead. Best wishes to the entire team of Jack and Jones manufacturers.


Paul Henry


Fortune Industries.



Kepler Andrews

B-90, second floor

Markesan tower

New York

19th February 2012

Subject: Congratulations on your new venture – “Cannes Company”.

Dear Mr. Andrews

It was indeed a great surprise but a pleasure to know about the formation of your new company, Cannes Company. I congratulate you on your new venture.

I am pretty sure that your undertaking will come out to be a great success. You have undoubtedly chosen your field of work that is itself rising up now-a-days. With your background relating to export merchandising, your enthusiasm for huge marketing and your expertise, your firm would surely make a good entry in the export industry. Your dream to become your own employer has now come true!

Your dream business is soon to reach high. I am very happy for you. I again congratulate you for your new business enterprise. Wish you lots of success in your work.

Yours truly,

Stewart Yardley



Mr Arnold Smith

89, Walt Street

Cane Island


20th February 2012

Subject: Congratulations for your selection as a printing staff.

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter with an utmost joy to congratulate you on your selection as one of the staff members of the printing department at our company. Your resume appeared quiet attractive to all the members of the HR team and it is being accepted.

Reviewing your educational qualifications, you do possess the necessary credentials and qualities that are suitable for working as a printing staff member. Your confidence level seen in your interviews greatly showcase that you would serve in your best possible way. I am confident that you would be a positive addition to this company and will contribute remarkably well for the success of printing staff.

Many congratulations to you from the entire team of Human Resource Department. I look forward to meeting you personally, the following week. Good luck for your work!


Jacob Marley

HR Manager

ABC Pvt. Limited.



Congratulation letters



Karen Adams


Holly Enterprises Ltd.

35th Victor Circle,

Birmingham, London,


15th February 2012

Subject: Congratulation for winning the Employee of the month award.

Dear Karen,

The Human Resource Development department congratulates you on behalf of all the employees for your achievement on winning the Employee of the month Award for January 2012. Your hard work and perseverance has bought you up to this success.

The company greatly appreciates your level of proficiency in handling the projects assigned to you. Your performance throughout the month of January was exceedingly well and your humble behaviour with all the team mates was greatly being considered. You are being awarded with a memento and a cash prize of $1000 for your exemplary work.

We at Holly Enterprises expect you to maintain the same spirit and extend good wishes for future achievements. We look forward to find many such opportunities to congratulate you further.

Yours truly,

Peter Pan

HR Manager



Bruce Adams


Hoffman Enterprises Ltd.

5th Charles Street,

North Region, Greater London,


25th April 2011

Subject: Congratulating your brother on his engagement.

Dear Adam,

It fills me with delight to hear about the engagement of your brother, Alex with Zia on April 29. I would like to send my heartiest congratulations to you on such a happy occasion.

I personally know Zia’s family and they are such a good people. I have maintained business terms with her father for quite a long time and they sustain a respectable position in the society. I am heartily happy for you and your family. Zia is indeed a very good choice made by Alex and I would be enchanted to be a part of your brother’s engagement.

Kindly forward my heartiest congratulations to the couple. May God bless the two with a fruitful and a rewarding life ahead.

Warm regards.


Michael Paul.



Congratulation Letters



Greg Yardley


Gray Smoke Publications


25th February 2012

Subject: Congratulations for your promotion as a Managing Director.

Respected Mr. Yardley

It gives me a great pleasure to extend my warmest congratulations to you on your promotion to a Managing Director of this publication house.

Sir, as a CEO you have done a remarkable work and have submitted outstanding piece of works. Your contribution to the company has been always glorified. Your promotion to MD deserves a proud recognition and hence a liable responsibility for this position. Under your guidance, Gray Smoke Publications have witnessed a rising curve in terms of worldwide marketing. Your unending ability to motivate fellow mates will make our schemes and tasks more effective. Your love for books has certainly paid you off with such a promotion.

I once again congratulate you on behalf of the entire team at Gray Smoke Publications. We feel proud to have you as a MD of our venture. Wishing you continued success.


Joseph Fred.



Philip Earnest

Professor, James University


23rd February 2012

Sub: Congratulations for your retirement from James University.

Respected Mr. Philip

This letter aims to congratulate you at the outset of your retirement. This in indeed a sweet and a tender moment for a person like you who had a dedicated teaching profession. As a student of yours, I am writing this letter to extent my best wishes to you for your future aspects.

Sir, the feeling of getting retired from such a respectable position must be a little sad as well. Your commendable way of teaching and methods of explaining can’t be replaced by any other professor. Today, I strongly believe that teachers are the real builders of the nation and I am a proud student of such a great builder like you.

We all at James University are going to miss your invaluable guidance. Your way of engaging lectures and coming to college early at 7:00 would be forever missed by all of us. I pray to God you remain in pink of your health after the retirement.


Troy Gomez.



Greg Neil

143 Royale’s Street

Red Building


12th Feb 2012

Subject: Heartiest congratulations for a success of “The teen era”.

Dear Mr. Neil

On behalf of the entire team of Young Publications, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on such a huge success of your novel “The teen era”. In a click of seconds, your novel has got enormous appreciation all over the streets of London.

The entire team at Young Publications feels great that you were a part of this organisation. Your ideas and writing skills together contributed to such a great work. You have proven the sceptics wrong and have managed to hit the audience with your confidence. “The teen era” is till now one of the hot selling novels in all the leading book stores. Your work not only attracts young generation but the people of all ages.

We again congratulate you for your success. Keep the spirits high always!

Yours Truly

Aniston Hardly


Congratulation Messages

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