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Jack Andrews

Trento Building

123, Park Street


6th January, 2012

Dear Jack,

Congratulations! It gives me an immense pleasure to tell everyone that my son is a graduate now. Not only this, you have raised my head high above, by topping the Merit list.

Andrew, it was always in my dreams to see you climbing the apex. I am very happy that you have turned my dream into a reality. I appreciate the way you elbowed all the hardships, after the sudden demise of your mom. The way you managed to carry your academic career forward was not that easy. I must say, I am proud to have a son like you!

I wish you all the very best for your future aspects. I will do everything that would make you get exceedingly good score in your post graduate exams. Keep the spirits high always!


Love, your father

Michael Andrew



Mr Fred Brown

Writer, London City Building

Paul Nathan Block Street


Date: 3rd January, 2012

Sub: Heartiest congratulations winning the Best Writer of “The London City News Writers list.”

Dear Mr. Brown,

Please accept my heartiest congratulations for your glowing success on winning the crown of “the best writer of The London City News”. This in indeed a splendid achievement and with this you have proven the sceptics wrong.

You have become a centre of attraction in whole of our industry. From the starting, I have been a promoter of your piece of writing and today you have made me feel proud. All over the city, people are admiring your accomplishments. Being a winner of such a prestigious position is an honour in itself.

I again congratulate you on such a huge success. We look forward to extract such excellence from you in the future as well.

Heartiest best wishes for all your future work

Brad Patterson



Dear Susan,

Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy – Angela. What a beautiful name!

I would like to share in your happiness. There is nothing more exciting and precious than having a baby in the family. This is the realization of womanhood . . .  becoming a mother. A princess to love and watch adoringly as Angela blossoms each day. Her first smile that will make you ponder how beautiful the world is. Her cooing that will be music to your ears. Watching her sleep will make you stop and think that silence is the language of love. And while holding her tight, you will realize that a life is borne from you and the bond will never be broken through eternity.

Cherish all the moments that you have with your child. Remember you can’t rewind the great moments in Angela’s growing up years – her first step, her first word, her first hearty laugh and most of all her first sentence when she says I LOVE YOU MOM.

May you and Angela be blessed even more.





Dear Samantha,

I learned from your mom that you have landed a job at the Global Media Productions as a Travel Journalist. I was so thrilled to hear the great news. Indeed your dream of traveling while doing your passion for writing and photography has finally been achieved. I know you will be an asset to your team.

Global Media Quest is on the right track for hiring you. You have the talent, the zest, and the drive to produce the best travel documentaries that they can ask for. Not to mention your sharp keen to details and perfection when it comes to photography. I’m sure the job interviewer did not have second thoughts upon seeing your credentials: graduated with honors from a reputable university and the rich portfolio of your travels to not so known but explicitly beautiful places. They found a treasure in you and for sure you will give them treasures of travel stories that will heighten the interest of their clients.

Go girl you can reach the top of the world!

Warm regards,



Morgan Design Consultants

999 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10001


Ms. Kathleen Johnson

Customer Care Specialist

Customer Care Division

Dear Kathleen,


This is to recognize your achievement in all aspects of your key performance indices as Customer Care Specialist for the 2nd Quarter of 2011. You have shown exemplary performance by garnering the highest score in the five (5) areas of evaluation namely: Customer Satisfaction – 95%, Courtesy – 95%, Teamwork – 92%, Productivity – 92%, and Attendance and Punctuality – 100%. In addition, you have also topped the list of those who got the most commendations from our clients for an excellent service.

Outstanding performance such as you have shown deserves recognition from your management team here at Morgan Design Consultants. Together with the other outstanding performers of the other divisions, the Company President will be hosting a dinner party on (Specify Date) at the La Grenouille at 7:00 PM. Your invitation will be handed to you by your Team Leader.

Congratulations and keep up the good job!


Deborah Wilson

Human Resources Director



Dear Mary,

Congratulations! I saw your name listed in the website of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) as one of the successful passers of their University Entrance Examination. I know you could really make it smart girl! I’m so proud of you.

I know it’s your long time dream to be admitted at UCLA and now that dream is a reality. It’s the start of your great trek to success. Mary, this is just the start of the many challenges you will be facing. But with your determination and strong faith in God, there is no way but to be on top and achieve all your goals.

I’m so happy for you my friend. It was as if I have won the jackpot in the lottery when I read your name. My mom was astonished as how I jump and shouted for joy. How I wish I could be there with you to celebrate this great achievement. Don’t worry, as soon as I get back to California I will go straight to your house and we will celebrate and let the whole world know that my friend is an UCLA passer. Hurray!

With lots of love,




Mr. Robert Carter

Manager, Products and Services Development

Sterling Corporation

2020 Central Avenue

Colonie, NY 12205

Dear Mr. Carter,

Your promotion as Assistant Vice President for Strategic Planning and Development was a long overdue recognition of your dedication and hard work. Please accept my sincerest congratulations for this momentous event in your career.

I am indeed privileged to be a member of your team which you have guided faithfully in becoming a big contributor in the achievement of goals for the success of Sterling Corporation. You practice what you preach and you were always there to boost our morale when everything seems to be going out of our way. You have steered our team in many difficult situations and have proven time and again that teamwork really pays.

Sterling Corporation is indeed very lucky to have you in their management team – you have the passion and the skill to help the company reach greater achievements. I am wishing you more success in all your future undertakings.


David Walker



Ms. Patricia Anderson

Human Resources Director

Global Media Quest

9320 Six Mile Cypress Parkway

Fort Meyers, FL 33901

Mr. Kevin Taylor

Tiffany Apartments

4190 Cleveland Avenue

Fort Meyers, FL 33901

Dear Mr. Taylor,

On behalf of the management team and staff of Global Media Quest, I would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to you for successfully completing your post graduate course in Business Economics from the University of Florida Graduate School.

It came as no surprise for us for you to achieve this great milestone in your life for you have shown tremendous effort in succeeding in any endeavor. You have shown exemplary performance as Research Analyst in this firm and have applied all your further studies in giving market edge for all our products and services.

Let me take this opportunity as well to let you know that a dinner party will be held in your honor on (Specify Date) at 7:00 PM at the penthouse of the company.

Again our congratulations and here’s to a long business partnership with you.


Ms. Patricia Anderson



Dear Steven,

“Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers.” Proverbs 17:6

Congratulations on becoming a grandfather. Your clan is surely growing and your legacy will live on forever. You now have a grandchild to pamper and give all your overflowing love and attention. Grandchildren as they say are for grandparents to spoil and for the parents to discipline.

I can almost picture your wide and happy smile as you stare at the little angel peacefully sleeping in her crib. You’ve waited so long for your darling daughter Alyssa to get marry and start giving you grandchildren. Finally she has given you a bouncing baby girl and in no time you will be a proud grandfather walking in the park with your princess.

Take care of yourself Steven so you can keep up with the demanding role of a great grandfather – strolling in the park, watching over your cute little girl as she starts her first step, laughing out loud with every glee and joy of this little addition to your family.

My warm wishes to you and the whole family.

Your buddy,

Michael, also a proud grandfather



The Registrar

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Le Conte Avenue and Westwood Boulevard

Westwood, CA 90024

Ms. Mary Rose Smith

1550 Del Webb Boulevard

Lincoln, CA 95648

Dear Ms. Smith,

Congratulations! You have successfully passed the entrance examination conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles for incoming freshmen for the Academic Year 20xx-20xx.

Please report to the University Registrar on (Specify Date) for your registration. The attached checklist indicates all the necessary documents to bring to process your enrollment into the College of Arts and Sciences under the program of Bachelor of Science in Development Communication.

You are requested to provide the University Health Services a medical record certified by a licensed practicing physician or you may avail of the professional services of our resident physician. If you prefer the latter, kindly secure an appointment by calling the Infirmary at 310-845-4431 not later than (Specify Date)

For any clarifications, contact the University Registrar at 310-845-4400.


Ms. Maureen Brown

The Registrar

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